Sunday, 10 October, 2010 

A clear message has been coming through in the days leading up to 10-10-10:
Let go of the . Let go of the that anything other
than Love is real. Let go of believing that your life or path has to
have any suffering or struggle in it anymore. Paradise is your real
reality. Open your eyes. You don&;t have to get there. You are there.

Imagine you are in a garden full of overgrown bushes and grass. The
garden has been good to you and has provided you with so much. Yet there
is a feeling that the garden has reached its use by date, that you
have outgrown this garden and it is time to move on. The garden is
enclosed by a wall, and in the wall is a huge door. On the other side
of the wall is a beautiful, lush tropical paradise. Your nose is
pressed up against this door and you know it is time to go through it
but it feels like the door isn’t budging. How to go through?

Next allow yourself a preview of the paradise garden. It is so
colourful, with a beautiful blue lake surrounded by tropical flowers of
the brightest colours. Birds and butterflies are fluttering around.
Music is in the air. There is a feeling of happiness, joy, peace and
tranquillity. Your favourite people are all around you, and life feels

The paradise garden feels very familiar to you, and you
suddenly remember the old garden. You look back to take a glance at the
door and the wall and ….it’s not there! The paradise garden is all
you can see as far as you can see, it’s all around you. Where did the
old garden go? You have a sudden, strange realisation. It has
disappeared because it was never real. It was an illusion of your
creation. It served a purpose. It served a very important purpose. You
wouldn’t be the soul that you are today without it. However the need
for it is no longer there. The moment you remember that paradise is
your true reality, the illusion that is the old reality is free to

Many of us are at this point right now, with our
noses pressed up against the door of the old garden. We know that the
garden has served its purpose. We know that it no longer feels
comfortable, and we know it is time to move full-time into the paradise
garden. Yet we aren’t quite sure how to get through the door. Sure we
spend time in the paradise garden, but as long as this wall and door
exists we tend to fluctuate from one garden to the other. The more time
we spend in the paradise garden, the harder it is to be in the density
of the old garden, and so here we are at somewhat of a boiling point –
we find it hard to be in the old garden but we don’t quite know how to
crash down the door and the wall so that we can be free to be in the
paradise garden all the time.

Here’s the clue. The door
doesn’t exist. The wall doesn’t exist. The old garden doesn’t exist. It
only exists in your mind. It is only real because you believed it to
be real. The energies of 10-10-10 are powerfully
reminding us of this: the illusion is only real to the degree we
believe it to be real. As soon as we click into the remembering that
paradise is the real ‘real’, we can let everything else go.

old garden represents our belief in lack, struggle and suffering. The
old garden is where we went through a lot of experiences for the
purpose of growth and evolution. We will all continue to grow and
evolve, however the time for that particular method of growth and
evolution is over. O-V-E-R. Over. We are waking up to our true natures
where fear, doubt and worry do not exist. DO NOT EXIST. We are waking up
to our true reality where love is the only thing that is real.

Our lower human emotions of jealousy, revenge and judgement have served
our growth journey well, but they do not belong in our paradise
garden. Our belief that we are separate from each other and from Source
Energy served us, but it was a myth. We are all connected, all the
time. Our belief that we have to have problems and issues was a
convenient story, that served a purpose. But it was just that, a story.
Our belief that we don’t have the solutions to creating a peaceful,
harmonious, sustainable humanity is soon going to be unbelievable
history. Our adamant insistence that a world where everyone receives
all they need and spends their days doing what they love is not
possible is going to be laughed at by future generations. Our
generally held consensus that we are the only living beings in the
universe will be as if it had existed in a dream, from which we will
soon wake up. It is time to say goodbye to our self-created prison,
where over and over again we played the part of either prisoner or
jailor, servant or master, victim or perpetrator.

There are
those who are addicted to the illusion and will find it hard to let go,
but as more and more people ‘unplug’ it will be harder to spend time
there simply because there will be less energy supporting it.

What keeps us plugged into the illusion? It is our mind. It would be
easy to assume it is fear, but fear cannot take hold of anything without
the mind’s willingness to align with it and convince us via thoughts
and beliefs that it has any power over us. Our mind can act as our
greatest ally and our weakest link. Our mind is SO strong and with its
thoughts and beliefs it can literally create anything….and resist

During this powerful time of 10-10-10
ask yourself: Which reality is your mind aligned to? Is it aligned
with the illusion or with the paradise reality? Which reality does your
mind more strongly believe in and favour? You will know via the
thoughts and beliefs it sends you – and you will know the kind of
thoughts and beliefs you are being sent by becoming aware of the way
you feel most of the time. Do you feel good or bad? Anxious or excited?
Frustrated or free?

You HAVE to regain control of your mind
if you are to make the quantum leap into the paradise reality. You may
believe with all your heart and soul that the paradise reality is how
life ideally is. You may believe with all your heart and soul that
peace, happiness, love, joy, limitless abundance, creativity and great
health is your true nature. Yet if your mind is strongly aligned with
the illusion you will find it hard to jump into, or maintain, the
paradise reality as your day to day experience.

We have spent
lifetimes having to have our minds aligned with the illusion. It was
part of the game to forget our true nature and reality. So of course,
unplugging from the illusion and re-aligning with our true nature and
reality was never going to be an easy thing. Getting our mind to align
with our true nature and reality after lifetimes of asking it to do the
total opposite was always going to be a one step forward, two steps
backward process. Yet it has to be done and now is the time.

It is time to re-align your mind with Source Energy. It is time to
re-align your mind with your authentic self and true nature. It is time
to re-align your mind with who you really are. It is time to remember
the greater reality, and it is time to re-align your mind with all that
the greater reality now wishes you to know and to receive.

How do you do this?

– You can affirm all the above daily and as you say it, feel it: I now
align my mind with my true nature, with Source Energy, with my best
possible self and reality.

– Consciously choose thoughts that
feel good to you, thoughts that represent your paradise reality: I am
in perfect health, I have total financial freedom, I am full of love
and joy. As you say these things, feel them and see yourself in a scene
that matches what you’re saying. This will help you to align your mind
with the vibration of your paradise reality, which you have to do if
you want to live there.

– Become aware of thoughts that are
aligned with the illusion: I can’t, it’s not possible and thoughts
based on a lack mentality. Notice them, and just as you would change a
music track you didn’t like, so too flick the switch immediately. Get
in a habit of either switching onto a positive thought stream, or
feeling something good, or imagining something positive. I am not
talking here about repressing your genuine feelings and covering them
with a fake happy face. I am talking about catching draining,
restrictive, limit and fear-oriented thoughts that are literally toxic
to you that are predominantly a result of old habits, rather than
serving any constructive purpose in your life.

Let your path be
easy. Let yourself be happy. We did not come here to continue the
cycle of karma and struggle. The time for that is over. It is time to
wake up. It is time to enter a new cycle, and a new reality. Allow
yourself to believe this is happening, and ask your mind to help you
adjust your track. Destination: Home.

(c) Mrkich 2010. Permission is granted to share this article freely on the condition that the is credited, and the URL is included.