Date: October 10, 2010

Crazy but True: Humans outperform computers!

This, you may find hard to believe, especially given the title of the article. But in fact this was told to me by my superior, as an anecdote of computer lore worthy of mentioning to anyone remotely interested: the principal players involved are a h...

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Oneness permeates Infinity…..

Today is a weird day for me, in more ways than One: a few months ago, when writing my second novel, I scripted this day as the crucial encounter between Sander and Selina, which was of course a very obvious parallel for me and Seda. Well, one thing ...

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10/10/10 | A Big Day, I Create the Reality I am

There was much happening in the energy last night, as this glorious day of 10/10/10 began to unfold. I was restless and fending off an energetic attack from dark sources and arose at an early hour. It felt like my being was scattered, as I bumbled abo...

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Taylor Swift – I’m Only Me When I’m With You

But time for some musical interlude (or is it foreplay?) I don't care, but it came up first when I hit youtube, and felt relevant.....

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But do I know the customs and stuff?

With Malaysian on my mind, things went into discovery mode for a while. Looking on youtube, I found this, and realized that to become One, we still have to bridge a lot of different customs, values, principles, rules and what not......


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I DO speak the lingo!

At first I was a bit annoyed at tubelawak always plugging his site here while most of my readers don't speak the language used there. I should have known better of course, because even if I don't speak the language consciously, there is always our k...

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Catching Up, never mind the mess….

Having realised the ins and outs in the previous article, I figured I'd just go and do like Denisa suggested, and experience more of Endra, while still keeping an eye on Andre'...  Together, him struggling a bit, we produced this:

It is h...

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Male vs. Female – Analyze This!

It's not like it hasn't been debated before, and it certainly will come up again and again everywhere, but since the energies on Moorelife seem to be very focused on this gender thing today, I figure I'll have my say on it too... Denisa last night t...

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10-10-10 Beginnings & Endings

a message from Jennifer Hoffman

(posted 9 October, 2010)

[I'm not doing all 10-10-10 articles found here today, just these two]

On Sunday we celebrate the date 10-10-10, a symbol of new beginnings that we are so ready...

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10-10-10: Let Go of the Illusion

a message from Dana Mrkich

Sunday, 10 October, 2010 

A clear message has been coming through in the days leading up to 10-10-10: Let go of the Illusion. Let go of the Illusion that anything other than ...

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Feelings: Input or Output?

"Intriguing question, yes?" In true Dr.Know lingo, I ask you this. If you don't know Dr. Know, don't feel ashamed but just go rent a movie called AI: Artificial Intelligence: Dr.Know is the McDonalds of the Future, where information is mor...

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