There was much happening in the energy last night, as this glorious day of 10/10/10 began to unfold. I was restless and fending off an energetic attack from dark sources and arose at an early hour. It felt like my being was scattered, as I bumbled about trying to gather my things. In the past, a “hit” like this would have been devastating, but now, I know what to do. Immediately, I began collecting my power and Soul Pieces from the dark places this energy tried to take me. They came back quickly, but it made them kinda mad that I was so rapidly successful. Unfazed, I continued while I packed. I could here the rain pouring down outside making a tremendous noise on the roof. A fear crept in, near to my being and I dismissed it. No, I wouldn’t stay any longer, regardless of the weather.

As the last of my power returned from the darkness, there was a last attempt to get me back into that dark reality. I watched as my drum, wrapped in a protective covering was lifted from its perch in the garage and slid down from where it rested and landed on the concrete floor. OK, I get it, it is time to go. The last of my things strapped to the bike, I do one last sweep for my power and ride out into the dark of the morning downpour… Wow, it can really rain in the Pacific Northwest! Torrential, look that definition up and you may come close to understanding what I mean if you have never experienced it for yourself. I am thankful for the waterproof clothing from head to toe as I ride slowly getting accustomed to the bike under load again. It has been a few days and I can feel it. Did I stay too long?

No, I call out… recognizing the dark spirits trying to call me back. I am a sovereign being, an Ordained Minister and the darkness has no jurisdiction here. I continue to cast out the lingering doubts as the release occurs quickly in the morning wind and rain, draining behind me as I ride through the darkened streets. Before I left, I placed my old drum stick in any easily accessible place on my bike and now I know why. Stripped of the leather and foam, it has returned to being just a stick. The bike, divinely guided turns into the Point Park loop and I drive through the place where I bonded with my first dog, Mesa. It is pitch black and a flood of wonderful memories plays on the IMAX screen in my mind. I find the place where he and I came the most and parked the bike.
mesa small 10/10/10    A Big Day, I Create the Reality I am...

I am reminded this morning of the unconditional nature in which this beautiful creation Loved. He was always in the moment, with and . He never faltered and lived his life to his fullest potential… All the way to the end. I am blessed this morning with this memory and grateful to share this experience on 10/10/10. After parking the bike in the pouring rain next to the waters of the South Sound, I reach for the stick and walk over the water’s edge. Standing on the steep embankment I can feel Mesa’s presence sitting beside me and I smile as I close my eyes. Tears are streaming down my face inside the helmet mixing with the driving rain. He is here with me in this place. The stick is propelled into the water and I can see where it splashed. Mesa… That was his signal to retrieve and he launched off the embankment like he always did, landing 10 or so feet out in the water. Swimming powerfully out he scooped up the stick and with his signature otter tail sweep he turned and came back running up the embankment and sat in front of me. He was happy…

I opened my eyes and the stick was gone. He had taken it with him into the Spirit world and I was standing there sobbing peacefully… happy to share this moment with him. I said my goodbye, yet recognizing he has always been with me and smiled. Here, now at the coffee shop the tears are still streaming; tears of joy, really, that I am able to experience the world in this way. I have truly become my Authentic Self and now I am to share this with All Creation. Guided by my Higher Consciousness, my Soul, I move into each experience with Unconditional Love for All that Is.

Today, as the energies align, I will continue on my Journey of sharing Love and Kindness with All Creation. Every small gesture of kindness, each moment of Joy expressed is assisting the entire Universe in this transition to higher frequencies. I am on my path, I have become and no amount of darkness will bring me down. I am Love and Kindness, I feel Love and Kindness, I share Love and Kindness, I Love myself completely, I Love all that I am, I Love all Creation.

Many Blessings and Love to all of you who are out there reading this right now. Know that all is well and all is peaceful. Anything else is merely an illusion. Connect to your Authentic Self and share Love today. Feel the difference it is making in the world around you. Feel your vibration match that of the Universe and relax into Being. We are all connected, we are all One of the same Source and born into this Universe together to share this experience. Let’s do it with the highest vibrations of Love and Kindness possible and the collective experience will change. We will shift onto the Loving Timeline… We are…

Much Love,

the Buffalo Diaries