Did the Federation desert us??? So
many people said marvelous things would unfold today, yet there have
been no reports of "". What happened?

A message has been given to me through my spirit guide, whom I call
Elspheth. I won’t bother labeling him as anything since I’ve only
recently become a . This message is truth.

Don’t hold expectations. All we have is here and now. Expectations
only leads to disappointment. Rather, listen to the messages of all
and entities who elevate your vibrational state. Stay
grounded in Gaia, for she is the one who must ascend before humanity
can. The future is never static, because of the nature of the 4th
dimension. Time is not linear, it is constantly twisting and turning
and looping back in on itself. We are unaware of this because our
immediate reality is still the 3rd dimension.

A good way to immagine the 4th dimension and our place in it is to
first immagine a long strip of paper. If you twist it and connect the
two ends together, it will make a twisted loop. Now immagine an ant
crawling on this loop. Mind you, the ant itself is a multi-dimensional
creature just as we are. Yet it is only immediately aware of the 2nd
dimension. As it crawls along the loop (immagine that it only heads in
one direction), it will eventually make it twice around the loop, travel
both sides of it, until it makes its way back to its starting point.
Similarly, our path in time is twisting and turning without us even
realizing it.

This is why divination is possible. We can see future events that
might unfold, and make the best decisions on how to either take the path
that will eventually lead to that future reality, or make the conscious
decision to deter from the path if it is undesirable. External events
may take us off one path onto the other without our will, and still we
may find a way to change our path. This is because of the nature of the
4th dimension with its loops and twists.

Remember that our perceptions of reality are merely filters of
something much different indeed. Everything is made up of mostly empty
space. The only thing that keeps us from falling through the ground
into infinity is the vibrations of inconceivably small particles.
Everything we think we know about our reality is merely a whisper of
light and love set forth since the beginning of time. Keep this wisdom
within your heart and know that it is the same light and love as that
which is within your heart. We are gatekeepers of light and love,
therefore we control an infinite number of realities and dimensions
every nanosecond without our knowing. Yet we are just a speck of
nothing floating along in the inconceivably small particle of a whisper
in a much larger reality. This is the Golden Ratio, the fractal image,
the chaos theory. It is the rabbithole that never ends because it is
everything, nothing, and all that’s in between. It is eternal.

David Dawnbringer
Just a Human.