Date: October 14, 2010

Change of Reality


this article is an experiment:  it mixes volatile words with enchanted grammar, to virtually blow reality out of the water: no reality please, I'm Pisces! But I sure hope nobody feels hurt, and no soul either...

Having successfull...

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I Am God – Famous everlasting words

Yes, when you say something like that, it'll haunt you to the end of your days! I do this in a more modest way by telling my kids once that: "If you are happy, I am happy!", which kept me hearing it literally for years! Now that was a BooB...

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When wanting stops hurting…

When wanting stops hurting and needing stops having from being a side effect, then Abundance wants you to speak your will.....

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We are All Neda!

Up early, like the proverbial bird, and when my system hit the web my feet hit the floor running. No morning update, because today the hunting party would be in my domain, the Test Lab. As lord and master there, I couldn't very well leave my guests ...

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Part 13 – Pleiadian Alaje – Danish Sub

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Part 12 – Pleiadian Alaje – Lightwork – England – Danish Sub

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Week 4 – Olympia, WA to Manzanita, OR

Wow… That is the word that immediately came to mind as I began to write. I am so blessed at this time, on this Journey of my Soul. Consistently guided by my Higher Consciousness, I am on a Soul flight, soaring into higher frequencies of awarene...

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