Date: October 15, 2010

Dream in Solar Magix

And then the Lightbox held the advice to dreaminsolarmagix, uttered by himself (or her). Since the Lightbox has Alzheimers, I'll just put it up here along with my sincere gratitude:

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No sleep till the girl gets home….

Yep, that's me: I don't worry anymore, but when Laura called me to have me put the key in the mailslot, I did as she asked, but still intended to wait up for her. But that will be done flat on the couch, absorbing the Silent Night here in Zutphen......

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M∞re Flamin’ Seducktions….

Boy, am I on a roll! Life is so much M∞re than it used to be! With the avalanche of female and cosmological beauty rendering me weak in the knees but otherwise as healthy as an elephant on Viagra, I decided to do another Twin story, but my fir...

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Twins on Fire!

Ain't she HOT?!?!?  Berlin's leading vocalist set my heart on fire the moment I first heard that tigress roar. It's one of those things, you know? When you look at a diamond right after it was cut, and suddenly see that r...

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Out of the Void, and into the Blue

Out of the blue, most people would say, this appeared on my path today:

A crystal clear photograph of a white workbench like table, with various attributes. I don't have sufficiently holographic memory yet, and my short term memory has been...

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Levels of Incompetence

Dear Tubelawak, don't take this as an offense, or even an attempt at teaching, but this one I feel might bring that smile back on your pretty face..... (because I gather you deplored your lack of a more or less literary snack).

In business, the ...

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Divine Guidance on this Shamanic Journey of the Soul Continues

It is in the simplicity of this Long Ride that I have found it. The peace that permeates my being deeply and emanates from my Soul comes from that… Simplicity. For me now, my experience is reduced to what is right before me now, in this moment....

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Nope, not another musical show, just the youtube that named this ditty.

It came to me in a flash, like most visual syncs do: sitting on the cold grating of the bench at the station, just having silently laid to rest my dissapp...

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She Drives Me Crazy! Woe-woehoe!

And then she hit me, or rather IT did: the realization that she drives me crazy, if I let her.... Went hunting for the Sound of Relevance, and came up with this:

They realized IT exactly!!

But the beating went on, because wh...

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