Date: October 16, 2010

Abundance Cooking

Abundance ain't about believing you'll always have enough, but about knowing it beyond any doubt in your entire four layer bodysuit. Don't matter whether you are flat broke, or loaded like a pistol, one saturday afternoon you are going to think you ...

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the Men from the Congo….

I met them both today, the Men from the Congo. I'd met one earlier, doing recon in my neighborhood. He was a young cannibal, but quite civilized for his age. Apparently he'd been satisfied with what he'd seen and heard, and had somehow checked back ...

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Magic also rests…

I'm calling it a day! Roaming around home, time stretched itself in a large Now. And since I'm allergic to physical fitness, Moore seemed suddenly totally irrelevant. Life on the other hand went on as usual, with a six day stretch of Magnificent creat...

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In Memorian: Laura (LVS) JB

Today I lost my eldest, and refound her in a small kids arms and voice.... The little devil and his crystal tongue had lifted her up,  right out of harm's way, like Hancock frontended a freight train in order to preserve a boxed in somebody. Sh...

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the Copy Cat died and went straight to Heaven.

While its owner was conducting replication experiments last week, Schroedinger got involved a bit too deep. She accidentally wandered into a box of sorts, that she thought would be a good place to give birth to her litter. It was nice and soft in th...

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Thank You Thursday: Our Divine Purpose

a message from Hillis Pugh

Thursday, 14 October, 2010 

Be thankful this day for divine purpose.

As we go through life we carry out multiple purposes and experience various lessons for each purpose. Through life, each experience ...

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True Confessions of a Reformed White Knuckler

a message from Stefanie Miller - A Magical World

Friday, 15 October, 2010 

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These are the true confessions of a reformed white knuckler. I’ve had to pry my...

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Blown to Bits…..

This bit is about one of my faves, the movies. Short and Sweet, I'm going to represent a bunch of my favorite flicks. Whoever gets the most out of it, gets the most out of it, but other than that, it is beyond my control.....(also, this one is for t...

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