Date: October 27, 2010

Find the changes….

I've only been away a week or two, if I rationalize it, but it feels like ages! And starting my second update after the break, I suddenly feel like I've outgrown the stuff I used to post. There is soo much more out there that is worthy of our attentio...

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Scott Rabalais on Spirituality

Only a thousand thoughts per hour? Nah, way more, and I don't feel we need to eradicate them all. Instead, we should attempt to integrate those thoughts for they are part of the All as well....

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Balance the Left and Right Brain to Raise Your Vibration

a message from Kuthumi channeled by Lynette Leckie-Clark Wednesday, 27 October, 2010

I, Kuthumi come forward to you again in love and honor of you. Yes, you. You do not understand why I, Kuthumi say this to you. I honor you for the great service ...

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The Akashic Records On Souls in Developing Fetuses, Childbirth and Abortion

a message from Akashic Records channeled by Jen Eramith MA Wednesday, 27 October, 2010

When does the spirit or soul enter the body during gestation? What is the life lesson for the spirit or soul attached to the fetus that is miscarried or aborte...

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Why do I shy away from Abundance?

It is the one thing I noticed just now, as I got up: two mails in my various inboxes, one from an online casino, and another from a local establishment, called GroupOn. Both promising to lead me to whatever I seem to lack, but then I know it is not wh...

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