Date: October 28, 2010

Although Change is Higher on the Ladder….

That is one thing I do have going for me: I may be down in the dumps for most of the night brooding over the thing that went wrong, and dragging down all the good stuff with it, but when bedtime arrives, I cannot simply go to sleep that way. Thus,...

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Darkness Reigns……

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Sticky with a wise streak….

Found this this afternoon while using the Google image search, great way to talk to my higher self......

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Who’s playing me?

This morning, I had the distinct feeling of being watched, played or whatever. Thought briefly about posting Rockwell with "Somebody's Watching Me"....

Of course Rockwell is passé, but when I arrived on youtube, I immediately fell into the next sy...

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The Infinite Human: Joy

a message from Scott Rabalais Thursday, 28 October, 2010

When white light is directed through a glass prism, it is refracted into various colors of the spectrum. When the light of our being shines in our awareness, it is refracted into the qualit...

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No Sale, so let’s just launch it for free….

I got a mail from my publisher this afternoon, saying they had seen nobody ordering any copies of my novel yet, even though the introduction E-mail went out fifty times, and I even mentioned it here. Since their treshold for production is fifteen copi...

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