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Costumes Complete!

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Hate, what about it?

Why do I have the idea that hate can not be present in my world, and needs to be transmuted into something else? I even hate hating stuff, and make mental notes about how to bend it into something more constructive.... But apparently I'm not the only...

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Love is all there is…

There can be much darkness before the dawn...But then the Sun shines bright!  Much has transpired on this epic Journey of Soul to Consciousness and I am grateful.  All is being revealed as I take each step into the known world before me. &nb...

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The Reason That Changes Occur

a message from Neale Donald Walsch Thursday, 28 October, 2010

We have been talking here for the last three weeks about the life experience of Change, and last week I made the statement that the changes that have occurred in your life have happene...

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Clue Phone? or Phony Clue?

Couldn't help but pull things a little out of perspective, having read Jennifer's article. My difficulty in dealing with the Clue Phone isn't usually that it is trying to stop me from making mistakes, because one or two warnings at most will leave me ...

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The Implications of Embracing Wholeness & Money

a message from Archangel Michael channeled by Meredith Murphy Tuesday, 19 October, 2010 (posted 29 October, 2010)

My beloved ones! I greet you now in an entirely new location in time and space...and in greater awareness of the Unified Field whic...

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The Clue Phone is Ringing. Are You Going to Answer?

a message from Jennifer Hoffman Wednesday, 27 October, 2010 (posted 29 October, 2010)

I remember the many times the Universe has tried to prevent me from doing something that I wanted to do anyway. No matter how many obstacles were put in my path...

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Rescued myself, killed the rest….

Getting back into Moorelife seems to have had a nasty side effect: all other editor users have been wiped out, and I have no idea who was on there and who was still using it. Let's just inventory whoever still needs one, and I'll recreate them as they...

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Abraham-Hicks: Before Doing It, Align With It!

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Will Smith on Life….

Most people consider him to be the clown, but there depth, I hear structure, as the blind guy on Contact said:

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Be as the innocent child


it is with great joy we come this day to share with you that which you are...

this week...this moment...each and every now moment it is time to ~practice~ remembering the truth of you...

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I know I’m not supposed to feel sorry….

But still, even to me last night looked silly. How can I possibly think so little of myself? Well, that's the risk you run when you find out how awesome the world around you is. And it is said that we are every bit as awesome ourselves, but that feels...

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~embracing the arising energies ~

dear is with great joy... always... great...great joy that we come forth again this day to share with you some thoughts that will ~lighten~ your beingness....

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