Hmm, seems my hacker friends have updated the site in such a way I can no longer embed videos. I’m not sure if this is a dare or a precaution, but it feels like I should just accept whatever comes. So here’s Esther & , helping a trucker find his true calling…..

Or maybe I was wrong…. Let’s try something really weird:

Let’s see if this works…..Hmm, maybe it is not about hackers, but instead I may have manifested a few bugfixes out of the blue….

As for the job situation, that is weird for me too: my boss gave me the job he denied me last year, apparently because he no longer has the objections about it he had last year. And for me the new job is absolute freedom: I have my own office, control over the test lab, more normal interaction with my boss, less stress, I would probably not be able to imagine a better job, unless it would become normal not to have a job….