Akashic Records On Astrology And Numerology

Can you tell us what actually happens on the triple dates?  I know they are important, but why?

numerology, the triple dates operate in the same way that
super-conjunctions operate in astrology. It is when complimentary
energies come together or move in the same direction. What happens on a
triple date, the numerological is similar to what happens when
two people who are a good fit for each other meet and fall in love.

is the same thing that happens when two people with the same idea meet
and start working together. What becomes available on the triple dates
is a state of flow. That state of flow rests upon integrity. If you
stand fully in the of who you are in that moment, you are
able to enter a state of flow. If you stand without any self- doubt, if
you stand without any resistance to what is happening, with a
completely open mind and dedication to be being authentic — then you
enter a state of flow. When these triple dates occur, when these
numbers line up, the energy created by those numbers offers you this
state of flow. What you do with that energy is up to you.

numerology lines up based on many different calendars. In the western
calendar that you use in the and through many parts of
the world, these triple dates occur on a day like October 10, 2010.
Even for those who are operating in a culture with a different
calendar, when numbers line up on those calendars, it also presents a
state of flow.

Numerology is a of the collective
consciousness. The way numerology operates is based on the energies and
intentions you have created in your . The
collective consciousness is based on all the beliefs held throughout
history, passed down from generation to generation and now encoded
within each of you. This actually creates energetic
structures in human beings; it was and is created by human beings, but
it is still very real. It is created and held by your collective

Numerological phenomena such as this are truly
divine creations — they are divinely created by human beings. It is
one of the most beautiful group efforts human beings have undergone.
Your ability to have harnessed and built energy for numbers give you a
tool to help work with energy now. Because you have organized energy
according to numbers, it becomes available for all of you in a more
usable way. It is a beautiful example of a communal effort being
available for the benefit of all. That is what is available for the
triple dates. Some of you experience those triple dates as dates of
suspension where you feel so overloaded that nothing goes very well —
you just feel tired or “out of it” on those days.

If you are
prepared for the day and you dedicate yourself and that day to some
effort that is authentically part of your path, then a lot can get done
on these days. They become like super days when you can move so far
forward on your path toward your highest intentions. These days are
worth preparing for, they are worth paying attention to and they are
worth harnessing. Do not be too hard on yourself if you find the day
not going as expected. Assume that you do not have all the information
you need and instead spend the day collecting. Ultimately you will get
to where you need to go whether you use these shortcuts or not.
(October 2010)

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