Channeler: Petra Margolis

Are we there yet?
As the date comes closer, the energies are becoming stronger. The time is now to start tuning in and adjust your selves to it.
A lot of energies have been released which was noticeable as the debates
among you were heated. The last little bits of the previous months of
clearing and now we are at a new stage.

Are we there yet?
You made it through many of the clearing, adjustments, but are you there yet?
Yes and no.
You have gone through the stage of preparation. Preparing to receive the
higher energies, preparing the physical body to start receiving the
higher frequencies.
And as we come closer to 10-10-10, the time of action is beginning.
Action to anchor those higher frequencies within the physical body.
The earth was the crystalline energies before she became what she is now.
The within her will become stronger as she prepares herself for ascension.
On 10-10-10 our earth will also start with the release of the
and that were placed within her that were used by you to start
your preparation of transforming the physical and into the
crystalline frequencies.
There is the need for connection amongst you, this connection has
already been placed, and it has always been within you. It can now be
activated within you.
We suggest to start with the connection through the heart, as this is
the beginning of a connection different than what has been there before.
Telepathy is connecting within the consciousness, this requires you to
disconnect from the that is in place now and build a
at the crystalline level for the time being.
This requires a connection between the mental body, the mind, the
physical brain and the consciousness that is within and part of all your
energy bodies. It requires an adjustment of the physical brain as to be
able to perceive this influx of information as the connection becomes
clearer and you awaken many more parts of your consciousness to receive
the information that is contained within you.
The supporting energies for this new consciousness will be activated on 10-10-10.
Normally there would be no need for a shared consciousness as you exist
within everything and are connected to everything; the connection is
done through your source being, as your Source being is connected on the
highest level to the oneness.
The mass consciousness was created when you lowered yourself into the
denser energies. Crystals were used to keep this consciousness clear of
As above so below, the connection was through the mass consciousness above you and the crystalline grids below you.
This will be done for the new consciousness as well.
Keep yourself grounded, ground yourself within the core of Mother Earth as you anchor these new frequencies within you.
Learn how to protect yourself, ask for protection if needed.
More information will become available as you become more and more
adjusted to these new energies and your purpose will become clearer as
you work on bringing in the new energies. Be open to it, as there might
be an expansion of what your purpose and task is right now.
The time has come to start activating the original Crystal skulls as they contain much of this information.
The Crystal Skulls that we know of now, do not all have this knowledge
as some of them are either not the real skulls or are not fully
activated. The keepers of the skulls are the activator and some of these
skulls are not connected with the original keeper at this time. The
timing is not there to have all knowledge come forward as some of it
applies to the ascension of the earth.
I would like to remind you that just like you, these Crystal skulls are
energy, they are seen as physical as they were lowered into the 3rd
Many more channels will be able to receive from within as they allow themselves and are willing to work on becoming fully awake.
The information that will come, will be new and transformational as the
process of ascension we are about to encounter is new for all of us.
There will be more information available on the old process, but much of
this will be and has already been transformed as the needs are
different at this time.
The process of transforming the human body into light is a very
intricate process of many energies coming together, as well as all
aspects of you returning into the physical body so you can move with the
earth as she returns to her original state and you return to your
original state of light.
There are many beings upon earth that know of the old teachings, and have taught them in those times.
Depending upon their own process of awakening, they will be able to bring you the adjustments and new teachings that are needed.
As you awaken your own consciousness you will be able to get a more
expanded view which will allow you to see the need of yourself and
others as you work together on this process of creating the new
By creating we mean, cooperation is needed as to what and how to create this new reality for everyone involved.
This cooperation need not be on the actual physical level at times, but
many of you will find yourself connecting to others as to align the
process of creation with the vision of all involved.
This creational process is new for many so be patient and work on
reaching the highest level possible within yourself, so you will be able
to receive the most complete and clear guidance of your own source
being as to the process of creation and your part within this creation.
We are now stepping over the threshold of planetary and universal
energies into the cosmic energies. As the creation has an effect on not
just your universe, but all universes.
This does not mean there will be no planetary or universal work, there
still is, but the time has come to allow for the cosmic crystalline
frequencies to come to earth in its purest form, directly from Source.
There will still be a step down within those energies as they come down through the dimensional frequencies.
But as you work on yourself to open and activate each aspect of
yourself, to anchor each aspect of yourself within the physical body. As
you start the building of the Crystalline Body within the physical
body.  You will become a clear channel of these pure crystalline
frequencies and bring them into your universe and to earth.
Allowing for the creational energies to be lifted to the highest level.
Are we there yet?
No, but we are on our way and the end is in sight.
As you create the ending of this cycle together.
October 1, 2010
As a side note, while I started typing this message it was on TV that on
October 10, the national geographic channel will be showing the 5 new
crystal caves that were discovered within the earth. Actually the first
time I saw them advertise it they said 10 new caves. These caves are so
hot people cannot stay there long as we have seen before. It reminded me
of myself as I change my physical body into crystalline. The heat
within me is something I have a hard time adjusting to. My husband will
say, it feels like you are burning when he gets close to me, but as he
touches my skin, it feels cool. It is not something that leaves anymore,
as I compare it to clearings that might feel very cold or very hot