By whose authority do you conceal yourself? I ask you, are you
accepting of that which resides within you? For you the and
master reside within and now it is no longer that which can be held
back. The time of concealment is exposed on many levels for this
in which you have lived for so long you owned in everything you do and
no longer does it own you.

Can you feel this, an energy so
strong that you will walk away from it before you take the chance to
see it for what it is&;for that which you walk away from is your own.

I have missed all of you for this time that has passed between us, the
teacher has had many roads in which she walked. The time in which all
things of concealment came to light for her to walk alone to expose the
power within. Just as many will acknowledge the power many will not.
To be concealed from truth is foreign to all beings of lights, the
master within, for the soul is lost and is seeking to be exposed on all
levels to that which it is. And that is where we have been. I have
myself taken the teacher on her own path to discover that yes, no
matter that which is around her, she like many of you had been chosen
to be here during these times. A review of ones own mastery is on many
levels disturbing for there shall always be the human emotions coming
into being, to take the power of all masters of light to turn from
which they came and are. She has given so much of her energy to those
around her and still many take without asking.

Many have forsaken
the truths that we are among them and we come in many ways, and
forms. This has left a huge mark upon her that she cries for the
injured in ways that cannot be seen. She mourns the lost of the soul’s
mastery of knowing, for within each of you, each living soul upon your
Planet of you are the teachers, you are and
this she has known for so long that she came fully into her own
authority to give to you the same. For all masters must experience that
which shall be given to others. All masters must journey the walk that
others shall go thru to lead them through it and she has given this
time to you to unveil the concealment of the soul and take that which
is the power of the masters within.

Do you not question why you
feel so many energies all the time and that these energies are get
stronger…Do you not question where you truly are or where you need to
be? For this is the Master of authority that resides within you, that
which is seeking to take back that which is truly the authority within.
And just as the teacher stepped into her owning of mastery she will
now be more than before. As she did this she now has taken her power of
authority back from those who concealed it and made full use of it
from her for so long.

Ahhhh….Does this ring a bell within you?
Does this bring to your own humanness some questions in which you have
always had? I see you are seeking through your own authority to the
answers inside to that which is accurate. You have held within your
humanness the awareness to your own mastery and the authority for so
long that you need the adjustment of time to acknowledge you are the
teacher and master. When has your own authority been concealed from
you, when was it taken and given to another that you no longer
recognize it, as it is? Just look around you in your daily living,
where have you given your authority to another? Where have you given
with so much that the original authority has been taken and dishonored?
As you look at this, take that awareness to look out around you in the
living world of humans. Did we not tell you that the trilogy has been
placed upon your Planet of Mother Earth? These times in which your
human society is in such an turmoil that the energies of power and
control will be matched by no other than that which is the Christ of
Truth. As this is placed among you there shall be times when there is no
control, there shall be that which is for the veils of concealment to
be torn away and the truth exposed for what it is. And that time is

So we begin, take this time to look at the truth in which
you live. That which you have built around you for protection, love and
living in your humanness, the concealment of all things in which you
live and walk in your own authority. I am honored to be with you again
during this time as I myself have missed keeping you in the knowing of
the masters whom walk among you. As you look at your humanness what is
it that meets your first impression? What is it that you see first in
all things?

When you sit upon your own mastery, you hide from
your own power of authority and dominion from the truth. I have heard
many say when shall this end and why do I feel this way. …It is the
Christ within you, it is the Christ that lives within you that is
seeking the authority to be exposed on all levels with no censure. For
is that not what the humanness does? Disapproves of all that is within,
all the authority that you own in your own right and power of control?
For many are being exposed for taking that which is not there own.
Many are being exposed to the ugliness they have created and many are
coming into the light of the darkness that has always held onto them to
control that which is not truly their own.

Look back at how
many times you have taken the power of control from another. Whether
this is in a statement or comment of self denial, which is in front of
you to the one who is authoritative. Not to be authoritative to own
what is not their own save for in the authority that makes them
uniquely their own. With this when have you taken your own
authoritativeness and dishonored it to be that which is not longer
viable to be true within you? Now is not the time to seek out another’s
faults from their own power but to recognize it for that which it is
and give to them the authority to know it and own it.

There is
much energy at play that shall divide the human population in the
decision to not be authoritative in the power they truly hold. For the
power and control has always been given freely to another so that there
is no blame to be placed upon the one who has given it freely away. I
find that this is a human emotion of concealment with great regards to
the favoritism of self denial. Just as you give your authority to
another why then does one have to be argumentative when the decision was
made to give that authority away?

To conceal the power of the
master is to conceal the truth of light from another. Looking upon your
Planet of Mother Earth, concealment has been the foremost focus for so
long that now the energies are exposing the truth for what it is and
where shall the authority come from to expose it for what it is? Look
among you to see how this is playing out right now, look around and see
the disruption that is going on upon your Planet of Mother Earth and
you see the disruption that is going on inside of you. The turmoil in
which is being played out around you is from the living turmoil in
which you hold deep inside. Is it not easy to see this? Can you see how
this is also with you?

When you are the living energy that
energy goes out to all things around you, and that is which you are
living. As this energy vibrates out it cause a disruption of energies
that rebound back and forth among you. This I say to you, look within
and correct that which is there by exposing to your own authority the
truth. And as you do this the truth shall leap out at you and ask for
the veils to be lifted on the concealment to that you hold onto. The
ego shall then work to hold you back from doing this as it will be
exposed on all levels that you are the teacher and mastery of authority

Is it not time to take back your own power of truth from
those who hold you back…is it not time to expose your own true
feelings that you are the master of your own domain? Is it not time to
take back the self doubts that others shall look at you with suspicion
in their eyes as you step into your mastery. Yes, yes, I see and give
to you, the time is now and to those with whom look at you with
misgivings lend them your power of light to see that which resides
within their own true self. Lend them the strength to say “I am a
master of my own authority”. This is the collective way to allow all to
be as one with their own authority this is the signs of times to come.
For each living being is to be revealing their own truths to walk in
their own authority. Celebrate with them, for with each authority
unveiled is the light within of the Christ unveiled. And with each
Christ light unveiled you have that which Yahweh gives to all. Love.

collective consciousness of the Spirit must rise and be as one with
each living being who posses the light within, and that is indeed each
living being.

Times upon Your Planet of Mother Earth are coming
to closure on many levels as the authority which has always been given
freely to others shall be exposed for the truth in which it has grown.
Humanity upon your Planet of Mother Earth is experiencing that which is
within them that they have been giving out for too long in the
ugliness that has been concealed and that which is no longer viable to
live. Go within and find your power of authority and expose the fear
which prevents you from being in truth, that which you have concealed
from your own being for too long and you shall have that which the
teacher says you are here to have “ Heaven on Earth”.

I give to
you the light of all beings to assist you in all ways during this time
of unveiling the truth of concealment from your own eyes. For you have
us with you to guide you and give to you the strength to see it
through. We walk among you and we are many.

I AM Lord Amin-Ru

Love, Laughter & Light,

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