Sitting there in the classroom, having finished my assignment first, I listened to the others as they struggled with similar problems. But being the knowledgeable One here, at near Mastery level, I didn’t want to spoil the Masters’ teaching moments. Both were busy, one heavily involved with Neda, who needed a bit of help…(not a gender issue, merely technical)

Because his colleague was helping someone else, the presentation system was tempted to power down, depriving the projection system of its nourishment. It responded with a continuous message, slowly burning itself into my retinas as I wandered from it to Neda and back…

No-signal, Source: Computer? What does not compute here? Any highschool
student would know instantly, but it took me the better part of
seventeen minutes to reach that point: no signal means NO SOURCE!

If it does not transmit, it isn’t a source, but does that mean it is
No-thing? So if it is That which is All, does it transmit? Not outside,
because Source is All, and so does not have an ‘outside’. But it is
totally committed to its ‘inside’!

From outside, this wouldn’t be seen as source, because it doesn’t send
any signals outside. But in here, we call it Source because at least
some parts of us are aware of signals, and actively interpreting them!

But there is a significant difference between signals outside vs.
inside: if the source is outside ourselves, then pinpointing the
direction of it is relatively simple. If you are inside, any signal
detected there can be seen as a signal from another system in there, or a
signal from a system higher up in the encapsulation hierarchy.

And that’s what happened today: to Neda it is just her name, to me it
was a very specific message! But like they say: "Don’t shoot the
!" or in other words: "Don’t mess with the ", so I

;-) But I can still safely Love Her…. (that’s not messing!)

Selfsimilar as we are, Source, also sometimes known as I Am has nothing
more than any or all of us. We all are, whether we are aware of it or

Love your Light, whatever color…