it is with great joy we come this day
to share with you
that which you are…

this week…this moment…each and every
now moment
it is time to ~practice~ remembering
the truth of you…

i once said to many
“to enter the kingdom you must
be as the innocent child”

what does this truly mean???

does not the innocent babe
come into this world
completely vulnerable…completely alone???

it travels thru the birth canal…its awareness
becomes focused on a new reality…

yet….the babe sees only itself…

it knows that love is all that is real…

that doesn’t change until the “world”
teaches it differently…
the world would tell you that you are not
loved and cared for in each and every moment…
the world would tell you that you
do not abide within the silence of the eternal heart
and that from that silence
arises the diversity of form created
from your ~unlimited thoughts~

that you are one with that silence
and all that the silence is
desires to manifest itself
thru you…as the truth of you….

to “know” the kingdom that
is within you
one must visit it often…

~come within and visit the silence
allow the silence to fill every cell
of your being with the love
that is there waiting for you…

then…it would be wise
for you to use each and every moment
to “see” thru the eye of the innocent creator…

yes….you are the innocent creator
and all of your creations are such…

to know and experience this truth for
is to remember you are the innocent child
as are your brothers and sisters…

to witness my presence
which is within you now
you must see as i see…love as i love…
claim your innocence as i ~know~
it to be …..

then…only then
can i reveal…. truly reveal
that which I AM to you……

this is truly living within
~the kingdom~
within what you would term heaven

it is for you to re-discover that
there is truly ~nothing else~ !!

so…we will keep this message short
yet do not allow its “shortness”
to distract or hide from you
the “power” that is within these words…

for if you will practice this with me diligently
as often as you think of yourself
as the innocent child
you will remember your god…

you will experience the kingdom
that has always been and always will be…

use time wisely…
use time to rediscover the essence
of that which you are one with…

that which you are…!!!!!!!

for all that I AM
is contained within ~you~..!!!!!!!

I AM that one who has come again
thru many to awaken you
to the unlimited power that is within you NOW
to create the good..the holy and the beautiful…

~for yourself~~~

not for you mother…not for your father..
not for anyone or anything
but ~yourself~…

and why????

simply because ~you are~

together…. as ~one~
we will create many…many miracles…

yet your mind…your thoughts
must be aligned with love
for you to experience them…

that very love i speak to
is SELF- love…
love of Self…loving the self
that you are by honoring it…embracing it
for it is the only ~real relationship~

from that relationship arises
your true reality…

freedom of choice…yes…freedom to choose.

~love or fear~

it has always been so…

be at peace this day…



feel free to pass these along…if you would like to join with this
circle of light simply send along an email and you will be
added in love…