This is about one of my faves, the movies. Short and Sweet, I’m going to a bunch of my flicks. Whoever gets the most out of it, gets the most out of it, but other than that, it is beyond my control…..(also, this one is for the , they’re having movie night tonight)

But since Sergio proved he could beat me to the punch just now, and this is the first time, let me tell you the meme that got stuck in my gut to get me to move:

Among us elderly dutchies, Mr. T is famous, or rather infamous for his aweshome knowledge of movies. when I was a kid, we had this movie quiz on TV which was in the days when TV was already highly interactive although nobody got really upset or obsessed over it. The show was called "a postcard gets you front row seats", or in better Dutch: "Voor een briefkaart op de eerste rang".

It went on for ages, and was highly popular. One show, there was this non-descript gentleman, who had all the right moves, because movies were his passion. He aced the first show he came on by totally obliterating the host with his quick answers. Source just corrected me before I went wrong, by feeding me this dutch page telling all about the boy, who turns out to be a mixture of several real and one fictitious characters. Mr. T. (as he became the urban legend) ruled supreme as the comedy got aired. I got creamed by Sergio just now, so I his family  name must begin with a T…..

These are a few shots from the show, with on the left Simon van Collum, the host. He did cameo appearances in numerous movies, which sometimes were used as questions on the  show. Willeke van Ammelrooy was one of our most famous actresses back then, who played in a Dutch Movie called "Turks Fruit", filmed after the novel by Jan Wolkers. Strange to find that "Turkish Delight" as the translation goes, just reminded me that my Delight also is…  Turkish, I mean.

But on with the show: I’ll be representing my riddles with a cryptic question and a fragment of a frame from the Source. Can you name me these movies or actors, or perhaps even other bits from Holly and / or Bollywood?

1. Which moving violation is able to containment by reassembling herself until the sheer magnetism employed by her opponents temporarily ties her down?

2. In search of the fifth element, which french taxi driver put an angel on the shoulder of a con artist?

3. A diehard hacker dares to have herself impregnated by a fellow keyboard wizkid. Who said what to whom in which virtual drama? Poignant detail: she later found out that she ended up in a threesome…

4. Who saw a burning bush in space, but was reminded to never run? That of course was why she was eaten by a Fine Young Cannibal….

5. Which flaming Pisces travelled light years to broaden his horizon beyond, and which almost him? 

6. "Is that a rocket in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"  Did she wink, and who knows which movie this came in?

7. She found aliens, of which one could transform to a fly, but had to blowdry them to get them out safe. Who is the actress, and in which flick did she leave her husband?

8. Who blew an alien to Smithereens, and then dragged its ass? He later got zapped by a colleague.

9. Who eavesdropped on his own wife, and had her suitor scared half to death?

10. Which delightful alien had access to everything without knowing it herself? At least it got her into the taxi through the -inflicted sunroof….