Having realised the ins and outs in the previous article, I figured I’d just go and do like Denisa suggested, and experience more of Endra, while still keeping an eye on Andre’…  Together, him struggling a bit, we produced this:

It is hardly recognizable, but that’s what you get when you let a scrubbing sponge go up against a single guy’s oven! I don’t figure we’ll ever get the oven as clean as Endra would love to see it, but at least it is a of a lot less dirty than Andre’ would let it become before stepping in and taking charge! Now let’s not fall all over the guy, because he’s inseparable from Endra, and she made him work together with her to get this done. And he did do his part in sticking in there, until the result was something they could both live with for now….

God, I feel like I’m married all over again, but this time there will be no option of divorce. This really is "till Death do you part", and even beyond! 

Love your Inner Marriage….