this article is an experiment:  it mixes volatile words with enchanted grammar, to virtually blow reality out of the water: no reality please, I’m Pisces! But I sure hope nobody feels hurt, and no soul either…

Having successfully freed Neda and therefor also Seda from their captors, I sped to the to make the train. Once there, I found myself in an entirely new reality: Not only had the usual train been replaced by a less ubiqitous type which no longer had two floors segregating the upper and the lower, but my usual cell mates were strangely absent. Three other gentlemen, All Nedas took their respective places around me. Great, surrounded by Nedas, wasn’t that the of my life? The sweetest of my dreams even, but since I was still in the process of commiting the keystrokes to cyberspace, there was still to change the script.

I held my mood in high esteem, just like all the Nedas busy with their own creations, and focused on my own. Unusuality ran rampant today: diff’rent trains, diff’rent platforms, different passengers, and yet the same: the grudge on crutches, relentlessly clutching to his misfortune announced it loudly, but could no longer suck any pity out of me. Being a Neda, young and loveable, that pity skipped straight through and became passionate ! I never thought I’d ever feel that for a guy, but the surprise of it never clung to my awareness: it just burrowed itself deep into the Core Magnetic Device I call my . Who needs remembering once if you can only reach that deep in ?

This brings to mind some famous deep words uttered by a Vampire from Brooklyn, a.k.a. Eddie Murphy: &;Roses are the shortest way into a woman’s heart. Well, in fact the shortest way into a woman’s heart is right through the rib cage, but that is too messy!&;
Don’t mess with the , remember?

So no, I won’t mess with Neda, since the addiction cured by Seda before rendered me quite the eunuch. But hey, she’s Persian…. Being a ‘harem ’ maybe, she might have this thing that I lack: the balls to reach out and grab what she wants!
As for me, the weapon I wield is innocuous, but a lot like the tiny cricket from Men in Black: if used with proper restraint, its are still devastating if the intentions of the operator ’t really on the level…

Love your tools,