~embracing the arising energies ~

dear ones….it is with great joy… always…
great…great joy that we come forth again
this day to share with you some thoughts that will
~lighten~ your beingness…

there is a very great power arising from within all of you
in this now moment…
it is the very power of your I AM presence
and it is coming in on the “waves of light”
that are truly encompassing your world…

this mighty I AM presence may at times feel as if
the energies arising are a little ~rough~….choppy
liken to chaotic waters ….waves crashing upon the shore
that bring with them quite a great ~intensity~

it may feel as if your outer world is arising in chaos…
you may feel that all around you there is much activity
arising within all and that it feels as if this
power is almost able ….if allowed…to drain the life force
do notice that i used the words
~if allowed~.

for it is for you to remember
that ~you are the master~…the sovereign “owner”
of your domain…

look again at the picture above and see the
embracing the pole that is in the “middle of the ship”….
what he is embracing is his Self….his I AM presence…
he in truth is allowing the waves all around him to arise
all around him…yet he is holding onto his true power…
the power that is within you…your I AM presence…
notice he is holding it as it abides
right in the ~center of the boat~

it would be most helpful to embrace all of these
energies and bring them into the center
of your being..
drink them in and know that it is the elixir
of love that is arising and yes…it can be powerful

embrace these powerful energies that often times
seem to be as if a great intensity is arising…

embrace the “power of love” that is arising
and bring it within your center of your being…

it is for you to learn to use this power
“in a way of the heart…a way of love”
so simply breathe in the powerful energies that are arising
and look at them and say
“i embrace this power of my I AM presence
that arises within me”
for there is “nothing” outside of me..

i will ~use this power~ to expand love
in the way of the heart..

i will use it to think loving thoughts..i will use it
to send blessings to my brothers and my sisters…
i will use it to send out the rays of love
in their assortment of colors
that will bless all of creation..
for this is who I AM..
this is who I BE..
I AM the light that lights this world…

as always dear hearts…it is a choice…
you can embrace and allow what is arising
and as the masters you are you can
turn all that is arising into the power to create with love
or you can judge what is arising
and literally place yourself “outside of the boat”…

we are with you always…
we are here for you in the moment
you ask it to be so for you…

allow your boat to simply move with the flow
of the arising tide..
know that each day there will be a
box that is lined in love
that will bring to you all you need to sustain
you in each day…
be in gratitude for the love that abides within you
and is surely….surely guiding your ~boat~

as you choose to “know” all will be provided for you
on this journey into the remembrance
of that which you are
~it will be so for you~…

to doubt this…….is to experience the “effects”
of that doubt…
for you dear hearts…you and you alone
create your experience…

let there be no ~doubt~ about that truth…

we leave you now yet you are always with us..
we walk beside you as you desire it to be so…
know that you are loved beyond the worlds capacity
to even hold the thought of the depths of that reality…

be at peace…

with love



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move with the heart……….think with the heart… as the heart….
as i went to send this out…i was asked to add these words….


it allows for a much more
delightful experience….