Couldn’t help but pull things a little out of perspective, having read Jennifer’s article. My difficulty in dealing with the Clue Phone isn’t usually that it is trying to stop me from making mistakes, because one or two warnings at most will leave me totally demotivated. No, my particular beef is about the fact these phony clues are always clueing me in on very nice and desireable things and situations, but then tend to leave me hanging the moment I decide I would like to go that way….

No, I’m not going to rehash the entire story here again, just read Make It Real if you are curious, but that story is also having a tail…. or is it a tale? But inbetween the fact I know I’m not supposed to take any action here, despite my knowing I am infamous for not taking action, syncs keep pouring in. I focus on others, but a familiar face keeps popping up in my field of vision, even though that clearly says “U Can’t Touch This! (yet)“….

But at the same time, it dares me to disregard all voices and circumstances saying I can’t… But more than anything, these clues adher to the MO that says they are neutral, and as such can be explained away in any way possible. Which also means you can’t use them as arguments for justifying your choices, because anybody you tell them about will just as easily pick up the totally different meaning, and declare you a nutcase.

Which basically leaves me having to decide what I want, without having any clue as to whether wanting or acquiring said situation would in fact be right for me. Yep, nobody is going to make the choice for me, even though they will do their utmost to deliver once I make the choice. Brings to mind a line from the Terminator sequels: “There is no future but that which we make”. Right here, right now!

And I could spell out my choices here, but the real mechanism available for fulfilling it doesn’t read this blog. So I am wisely going to shut up, and leave you all to this fest…. I’ll be the guy with the axe straight through his skull, which is keeping him from making up his mind…

Happy Halloween,