Today, maybe even for the first time in my life, work time seemed to pass like I was actually enjoying myself! It didn’t look anything like Einstein’s explanation of Relativity, which included a nice young lady, but time did fly, with coffee consumption and personal mailchecks being reduced to a minimum because I was just too intimately engaged with whatever I was doing.  Busy from seven AM until three thirty, I ran into difficulties, which never succeeded to take me down a notch, where my mood was concerned. It was like computers refusing to function as required were no longer something personal, but merely as change waiting to happen….

And no, that’s not me, because I escaped the ’s pool last week, and my brain is still quite juicy, I can tell you that! I’m now involved in making sure the programmers do their work properly, by testing it, and maintaining the environment needed for such testing. Way more different tasks, a bit more autonomy, and a new office nearer the test lab. Beats having to walk the entire corridor every time.

But the fun thing was this compression of time, that had me leaving for home before I’d even realised my day was over. Just whittling away at whatever needed to be done next, without a care in the world. Even Fred’s comments, which are always related to what he perceives as going wrong, didn’t sound like personal attacks, even though my defense against them didn’t change much: pointing out why it didn’t go as planned,  bringing in alternatives, and allowing him the right to choose a direction. But that didn’t seem to work today, because Fred merely added a few more suggestions, without reaching a verdict. That probably means tomorrow we will have to decide on alternatives ourselves, unless he pinpoints the approach before then.

So, still looking at the world through that warm patch on my forehead, even though no insects accentuated it today. But it feels like I could get used to not minding about knowing what’s going to happen, even though there are still hints of past wishes around somewhere. It’s like boxing day: with that big pile of presents (Now’s) under the tree, do you care which one you will be able to unwrap first?

So no real disagreement, and a mood that matched the still great weather going home. There, I was greeted by the mails I hadn’t checked, and which spelled out a surprise for both me and you all.  That will have to wait until after dinner though, because seeing my ex’s dogs eat (yes, I babysit) gave me a desire to dig in as well….

Bon Appetit!