Yeah, sure I do! But maybe not in the way you think…..  ;-)

A few weeks ago,  my cell phone had finally had it: the battery that served me well for about two years could no longer sustain the unit for the entire day, and around four o’ it would fold, give off one last beep, and then die on me. Technically minded as I am, I wasn’t going  to let it continue that way. So I ordered a new battery for about 22 Euros, and replaced the tired one the moment my postman delivered the new one….

Knowing how well the original battery performed when new, I expected to not have to reload it for three days at least, once it was fully loaded that first time. But oddly enough, that wasn’t what happened: the first day I took it to work, the fatal beep was delivered before I even got on the train back home! That was worse than my old battery, which at least didn’t die until well on the way home!

I cursed the quality of manufacturing these days, and reluctantly accepted that I’d have to reload it at work too, if the need arose. No thought entered my mind about another possible cause of this defect, until I noticed my phone this afternoon while getting onto the train: for some reason, even though it was exhausted at the end of the day last week, it now reported a three quarter load of still left in the device!

And then it hit me: the battery wasn’t just terrible quality, but it was me that sucked big time last week! Looking back, it wasn’t quite a good week: no news of my book yet, in a job that I’d rather trade for another one, and also fearfully awaiting a surprise that just didn’t seem to materialize. Could you get any worse? But then of course, on Friday the tide turned: told me I got my new job, my publisher mailed me that promotion to agree with, and my about that surprise not coming subsided somewhat. In fact, just now on the train I finally figured out what to do about it: write it out of my system! Worked with the second novel, so why not with the third?

So  apparently, I sucked last week, but a lot less this week: Three consecutive days of working on the new job, productive as hell, and forgetting the hours that separated me from the train ride home. Sounds a lot better than last week, don’t you think? And apparently, my cell phone thought so too: it lasted quite a lot longer today, thanks to my good mood. Or do you think I’m just making this thing up?

;-)  Love your batteries, they’ll last longer!