Channeler: Petra Margolis

I am Kuthumi, I see the questions happening as I bring out a message that is not confirming your ideas about ascended .
Now let you me ask you this question, how do you know if it&;s me when you read a message.
You go by the way the message is written, the language.
Does that mean anything?

How many of you can say you know me in person?
You know my energies, and many think they know my energies as they channel messages from other beings and give it my name.
Yes that is really happening and much more than you think.
Unless you really, really know me, you cannot ever confirm for sure it is me.
The other problem is of course that you don’t really know yourself completely.
How can you know the other if you do not know yourself completely.
Unless your awareness is open enough to really know me, you will always be in .
You can say you feel it in your heart, but even that can be deceived in many ways.
Love is not an easy thing and many have the experience of being deceived while trusting their heart.
So as some say they have experienced the energy of the Great Masters.
Who are these Great Masters?
Any being that calls him or herself a Great Master is not a Master.
Anyone who sees another being as a Great Master is not awake enough to realize that there are no Great Masters.
There is nothing wrong with creating a love grid, there is something
wrong if you have to say: “What if I like to create a Love Grid”.
To create you have to go within and know, not guess.
This is why I say to go within and search for the answers, awaken your
and you will find all everything you ask for. The
is an amazing place to create as you open your awareness to create for
the highest possible outcome.
Connecting with others to assist each other is very much an opportunity
to become more aware and allow your consciousness to become more aware.
But this connection has to be an open one.
One that allows for the input of all and not just the few that think they know.
Duality is a strange thing and many still have so much to work on, yes even the awakened ones.
Ego is even stronger as many proclaim they have the answers.
I myself will tell you I do not have all the answers, as creation is a
stronghold of possibilities and what is being created can have so many
possible outcomes as the diversity amongst you creates.
The process of ascension is a process of going within, a personal
process as you find within the oneness that you are looking for.
I cannot give you the oneness that I feel, as my oneness is my own experience.
I can only guide you as to what I know as ways to find the answers within.
No One can give you all the answers as many of those answers are just your own.
Oneness can only be seen and be found within yourself.
October 10, 2010