October 2010

The Reality Check

Dear Family,

This month and forward we are continuing to be repositioned and shifted so that our (and our consciousness) are congruently aligned in the new timeline architecture as well as the “new energy foundation”. As we continually undergo “micro-adjustments” in just about every area of our inner person and lifestyle – we are witnessing more of the patterns and phenomena of our past cellular memories surface. These memories are both ancient and recently personal, they are stemming both from our “multiple” self experiences (the many human incarnation experiences of the same patterns) and that which have defined us to accept the belief that we are a part of the human race having an experience on the planet Earth. As a species we have many concepts or archetypes we believe to be true that define our human identity. All of these patterns are being refined during this time to give us the opportunity to see what we need to change or heal inside ourselves. This is a time where we must learn to create our “new” reality from an entirely new palette of color. These new color frequencies are from the “unity code” harmonics created by the new energy foundation and its architecture that is available to us now. As you study these old patterns you will begin to see them embedded as
distortions that have impacted our energetic human being at so many
different levels.  The mental games and control programs that are run by
our unconscious self, those larger behavior patterns that are set by
and accepted by mass society are coming into blaring review. We have to
see who and what is running a “racket” into the mental body of our
unconscious mind.  A “racket” is a corrupt mental program running in our
conscious or unconscious self that justifies itself into being to
protect the psyche from its deepest and darkest fears. It is very tricky
and manipulative. However we are being able to clearly “see” these
“rackets” running as the “new energy foundation” will not tolerate nor
support them. Running rackets are the antithesis to embodying personal
integrity, and in order to be congruent with the core essence and the
nature of our true self, we have to be disposed of these “rackets”.

is a time of “Reality Check” so that we can see what damage has been
done and take stock of what we have left to process so we can live by
and speak in the deepest truth and integrity that we are capable. Blind
spots in our awareness or the perception we hold of others that keep us
in denial and living inside the deceptive “psychological defense
programs” (or these mental rackets) cannot continue. We are being rid of
layers of drama, trauma and defense mechanisms that we have operated as
a part of “being human”. As the first part of the Wayshower’s
we are doing this clearing in depth now. It may show up as a part of
healing the larger macrocosm or healing something in your personal life,
however its mechanism is the same. All of humanity is subject to
running these “racket” programs.  This process can be painful as it
requires you give it all up at the “Altar”, nothing is held back,
nothing is sugar coated, nothing is veiled from your ability to see or
live by the “truth” as you know it. All we need to do is drop any
resistance and let the circumstance “self correct” as we participate by
witnessing the pattern as it is being shifted or completely dissolved.
(It is also dissolving the membranes that create energetic separation
inside of us, so that we can be more “ whole” within and therefore also
be more “whole” in our interaction with others. ) This can be intense
for us so taking the necessary “time out” and being gentle and forgiving
in these circumstances is quite the practice of being in self energetic

The Parallel Earth Timeline

From the level of
the Universal macrocosm and personal microcosm the “parallel reality”
where we have a shadow aspect, a painful part of our identity is being
brought into our current awareness. We recently may have become aware of
experiencing dark and intense dreams, warring or conflict scenarios
with shadow entities, (such as black archetypes, etc) which is
coming into our waking consciousness in order to be resolved and
rehabilitated. It is exacerbated at this time as our 3D Earth timelines
have come into an alignment and intersection with the future timelines
of our 5D parallel Earth and linked further into the core of our
Milky Way Universe.  This is impacting many of the consciousness grid
networks on the planet that are releasing imbedded memories as a result.
For those of us that have history imbedded in those “grids”, we will
start to sense them, feel them or relive them. This can mimic a life
pattern to be replayed out in the physical or be worked out in a “dream
like” state scenario. Our astral body is being very much impacted by
these energies as the 5D parallel is a part of the astral and soul
bodies where much emotional body damage was incurred as a part of
humanities ancient conflicts.

This event is like saying the time
and space fields of the parallel Earth timelines have intersected with
ours in the recent weeks. As the Guardians have mentioned in recent
months, the 5D Reptilian Invasion memories were surfacing as the species
race memory was starting to return to our planetary field. The human
race at the cellular memory level knows that we were destined to be 5D
entities, as this is a part of our species race memory.  Our original
Ascension Plan was to be reunited with our 5D parallel selves and then
to be able to experience a much higher reality experience as a part of
mass human evolution. Many of us have inner “knowing” that this is not
going to happen and this “knowing” that our future reality was
infiltrated has created a lot of residue sadness. We are facing these
dark aspects now in a variety of ways, however, the underlying theme
present that is surfacing is the Victim-Victimizer archetype (a  mind
control) program. It is the core consciousness reality “polarity
program” of the dark vs. the light. This Victim “software” and the
various histories played out with it in the Universal time space fields
had a very negative result on human evolution as it broke apart our
emotional bodies. The pain of its consequence fragmented the soul matrix
and astral bodies – indeed, it hurt us very much.

The Fallen History of Victimizer

we are currently merging with a critical level of the parallel "fallen
history" timeline (an intersection with the parallel universe) the
aggression of the ’s agenda will reach a new level of
amplification. This amplification will be especially with the “Victim-
Victimizer” software. We may have been already sensing the quality of
this chaos and disruption in the external worldscape. If this has
impacted you – taking care of yourself and working your mental healing
tools to maintain neutral association with these events is critical to
be relieved of suffering. Try to defer to understanding this is a larger
“macrocosm event” influencing your body (do not take it personal) and
stay vigilant to keep your mind clear. Many times our physical body and
energy bodies will reach intense levels of inner pressure ( this is the
merging alignment of bringing the higher light bodies into the physical
flesh) in order to catalyze the alchemical shift that is required to
explode that damaged cellular memory out of the body and clear it from
the genetic material. In some rough moments it can feel as if you are
being squeezed through “cheesecloth”. (Indeed it is the time of
transmutation of getting the “camel through the eye of the needle”. This
is a big one.)

However for many of us that have attuned
ourselves to the recent new unity architecture, (of the Ascension
Timeline) we will sense that we are being “buffered” from its effects on
the masses. This indeed is true, as we are being protected
“foundationally” in ways that were not available to us on this planet
until recently. Many of us in the Indigo and Starseed family find
ourselves physically embodied on this planet, yet sense we are not
actually “here”. It can be a strange sensation! This is a result of the
changed “foundation” that has moved our lightbody to a different
“station of identity” – we have been moved from where most of the masses
are still operating from.  If you have not made it yet to the new
“unity” foundational field and are still working great personal
transmutation symptoms, take heart and know you are getting closer to
the finish line. We are all at different levels of our ascension process
however, we are ALL working together for the same goal. The new
foundation is here, we just need to purify the bodies to attune to the
resonance of the divine schematic and not allow anything (and I mean
anything) to get in between you and you relationship to God Source. Do
not give up as you are almost there. Call up your Ascension Buddy or
connect to the ES community for extra support.

The Split in the Wall of Time

cycle is now defining a frequency split between the realities and the
consciousness choices that have been made since June (the accumulated
planetary energetic quantic field as it measured into the July 17th
doorway to the parallel realities). When consciously awake as the
observer, it creates the surreal experience of viewing both lenses of
the reality operating in the same “space” but at a different rate of
“speed”. (the rate of the spinning speed of particle frequency = changes
in time) This means we are able to observe two main “timelines” (or
more) advancing that are running programs concurrently in what appears
to be the same “space”. If we are not aware of these “timelines” we will
not be aware of the choices we have at this time to advance our
consciousness. If we do not participate with our consciousness, the
planetary energetic quantic field vibration will automatically match
your personal vibrational quotient to the resonant reality and the
timeline of which you most vibrate. This is how the Controller’s plan to
“clear the game board”, if you are not aware of any of this agenda
transpiring, you are not able to make a personal consenting choice to
the direction you place your . By default you are
swept into the most resonant timeline. This is very similar to how a
spider catches a fly in its tangled web work. If you are aware of how to
stay out of the web, you will not be caught. (Focus on your soul
purpose, building your inner connection to God Source and stay out of
Victim-Victimizer thought patterns)

The 911 Controller Agenda is
advancing as (continued enslavement through debt, sickness, terrorism,
patriarchal domination by being aligned to inorganic, death and
artificial reality systems) vs. the Law of One Ascension Plan advancing
as (self sovereignty and freedom by being aligned to Female Balance and
God’s Natural Laws).This phenomena of having two potential realities
co-exist within physical matter at different vibrational speeds creates a
strange phenomena projected out from the personal Auric Field called
“The Negative Form”. Many of us are experiencing these dark aspects of
our “Negative Form” surfacing so that we can integrate the polarities of
its (simultaneous) existence in the other space time fields. In some
cases we will need to completely destroy it and send it back as raw
materials to merge back with the God core.

The Negative Form

Negative Form is a series of artificial/dead light bodies that were
used in our holographic image to recreate and usurp our genetic material
by the Controller forces. Some of these distorted bodies are from our
fallen history and much of the astral body damage that ensued. It is
important to not judge or fear this information but to get to the
clarity and to the bottom of what it is and why it is there. The
Negative Form is like a series of "nesting dolls" that can be attached
to your hologram/lightbody that hold "false information" usually
spinning out artificial realities ( probable timeline events for the
unconscious person) usually due to astral body distortions. Because the
Parallel Fallen Timeline has opened up an access in this reality it is
activating this strange phenomena of The Negative Form “surfacing” in
some of us. The Negative Form has been there for a long time, so do not
fear it. Understand “it” is an inorganic part of your consciousness that
needs to be retrieved of all of its parts (all the Dark Aspects or
Reversal Monad Fragments Recollected) then returned to merge back into
the God Core or the Heart of the Cosmic Mother. The Negative Form
“architecture” that has bound you (in the 3D human birth imprint)  to
the Controller Grids (Frequency fences and their phantom realities) then
will be disassembled and destroyed. The Mother Arc frequency and her
Arc Hub Gate Network is the new consciousness technology that allows
instant to rapid healings of these “negative forms”. These are remnant
bodies left over from much of the Founder Guardian rehabilitation
gridwork to systematically remove false white light webbings, false
umbilicus structures forcing astral reincarnation and many other
planetary enslavement structures. Because we have aligned to the
Parallel recently, more of us are being able to sense or “see” these
Negative Forms. Do not fear them. You are the Cosmic Parent returning
and healing these tortured pieces of consciousness. (Call upon the
Mother Arc Frequency and utilize The Negative Form clearing and AOA
Omega clearing treatments in the ES community resources.)

this phenomena and the recent frequency split manifests in the larger
mass consciousness fields as the “real” or the “imposter”. This is an
amplification of the material manifestation of the polarity timelines
existing concurrently. For those of us that have cleared out most of
these Negative Forms from previous healing cycles, we may observe an
additional change to our external environment.  Two polar extremes show
up at once in your reality and you may ask yourself “why is this person,
place or thing showing up like this?”  You will be able to sense
different timelines stemming from the “event” or circumstance. If you
drop all need to control the outcome and release it to God, you will
“allow” the “real” to present itself to you. Do not attempt to struggle
with or control the circumstances around you. As you release your need
to control it, it will self correct and you will find a happier
resolution hidden inside of it.

Electron Proton Balance

of us that have made it to the “Unity” architecture field are now being
matched with a mirror opposite (male-female unions) in order to move to
the next phase of the Ascension plan. This is learning how to work with
“union” alchemy in order to heal, merge and change the current
polarization split existing within our holographic particle structure.
We have learned that even down to the particle physics, the relationship
of the spinning electron to proton balance was deliberately interfered
with in this 3D reality as to create control “nets” over the human race.
(These control nets are the frequency fences that prevent organic
planetary ascension)  What current science considers as the “natural
law” of physics is actually not “organic” to our planet. It means that
the electron balance was manipulated to literally “electrify” our
consciousness, literally keeping our energies polarized into a
compressed lower mental body state of being. These distortions were
primarily electron based and therefore the influence of distorted
patriarchal domination over the planet was easily manipulated.
Unconscious male bodies who sought dominion over others through the
Victim- Victimizer program were especially rewarded on the Earth plane.
It kept the controller agenda running smoothly.

The First Wave
Galactics are working with synthesizing Unity patterns while being held
within the container of “Spiritual Marriage existing in No Time.” Some
are attempting to transition current long term relationships into this
new paradigm blueprint. The first of these “genetic equals” are
currently being matched in order to begin to prototype this “union”
template for the planet. This has many different objectives as well as
it adds a very different personal dimension in experiencing “male-female
relationships” on this planet. Clearly it is not all easy as pie,
however it is being directly orchestrated and monitored by

If we understand that all basis of creation is made of
Female “Staff” principle (proton) and Male “Rod” Principle (electron) we
can comprehend that by bringing these forces into balance we can heal
our , therefore heal our consciousness from the effects of
“polarity”. A massive amount of progress can be made in healing the
electron imbalance now, and the orchestration of these unions are part
and parcel of that goal. This is also radically changing and bringing
the Male Principle into its true inner “rod” power, by cutting through
and dissolving all the mind control programs based in “patriarchal
domination”. This will continue to progress and is very exciting indeed
for our males on the planet!

Stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Heart Path! Be Gentle with your hearts and each other.

Love Always, Lisa

© 2010,
ES Monthly News Article reflects the Guardian Perspective of the
Ascension Timeline (2012 Timeline) as support, both energetically and
informationally, for the Galactic Families of Starseeds and the Indigo
Races. This Spiritual Family has accepted the Guardianship role to
support the foundation of Cosmic Citizenship as an evolutionary model
for this planet and humanity, and this is a level of earth based
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difference given on the role each being has chosen for its expression.
The directive is rehabilitation of the hologram,
repairing its energetic architecture (dna), embodying the Ascended
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