A few weeks I saw a site that scanned other websites, analyzed their files, and estimated each site’s income. Snoedel was there too, but Tubelawak pulled in vastly more with relatively  fewer visitors. I’ll have to go talk to her, because according to that site I earn $3.99 per day, of which I receive exactly ZERO cents! So, who is it gonna be? Tubelawak or ?




a message from Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Wednesday, 13 October, 2010 

Time has shifted in accordance with new laws
that have not even been enforced as of yet. In average human 24 hour
day there is 86,400 seconds.  The speed of thought is faster than a
nanosecond.  So in an average day see yourself having approximately
86,400 thoughts at the speed of the light.  If you were given a penny
for every thought on an average day, you would accrue $864 per day. 
Multiply that by seven days and you will accrue, per penny, per
thought, $6048 per week.  Multiply that by 4 weeks and in a month you
will have accrued $24,192 just by having a penny for your thoughts. 

expand that and multiply it by twelve months.  In one year, just by a
penny per thought, you will accrue $290,304 just by believing you will
receive a penny per thought.

Within this
thought is a vast abyss of possibility. As we all truly know time has
sped up as we move closer to in our milky way it is a
necessity to spend your time and thoughts wisely. To increase the value
of time as it loses more and more of itself every day. Humanity
equates time with money and so shall we. Is $290,304 enough for you to
live on in one year’s ?  Does that seem like a lot or not
enough? Every thought forms itself into what you believe – it is a
living pulsing frequency that obeys your perception and creation of
what should be.  Hold this powerful thought that has just been birthed
and receive it in the fullness of time. 

it into a place of deserving that surmounts any other limited thought
of poverty creation.  Each day you have a choice to create in a
positive pole or a negative pole.  Each thought moves to the South or
the North of your thinking to abundance, to lack, to having enough to
having not enough. Your day your abundance follows your lead into the
land of plenty or the valley of not enough. Earth is like a big day
care center you can play with all the toys but you cannot take them

Allow yourself to receive financial
blessings, allow your self to receive unexpected miracles of money. 
Allow yourself to spend the abundance of the Universe with pleasure and
with wisdom because that is your divine right and destiny. You and all
life on earth were birthed from the stars. You are chemically and
biologically part of all things.

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