Did I say last week we heard little about lately? Apparently I was wrong…..

I’ve been listening to it first, something I don’t always do, and am amazed at the amount of detail that is dispersed in these 45 minutes or so. It is one of the first times I’ve heard plausible reasons for doing chemtrails, but then it turns into a rampage pulling in everything but the kitchen sink in terms of conspiracy theories. If this amount of intention were real, there would be no way I can post this without being personally handpicked for a scalar attack. If you don’t know what that is, listen to the videos. But be warned: and what is more, unattachedness! What you know can’t harm you, what you fear will…..

Loved the venom in the tail: they’d been talking about those planes spraying barium salts across our contries for all kinds of evil purposes, and then the female presenting the show drops a hint about her next program: "Do you know how everything has frequencies, and how salt actually figures very positively in our lives? Join me next on…."  HILARIOUS! So that blanket  of barium salts not only helps an army radar system see better over land, but it is also good for US!

Love your Illusion, it is the only way to become real!