"Intriguing question, yes?" In true Dr.Know lingo, I ask you this. If you don’t know Dr. Know, don’t feel ashamed but just go rent a movie called AI: : Dr.Know is the McDonalds of the Future, where information is more important than calory counting. "Ask Dr. Know, there is nothing I don’t"….    But mind you, Dr.Know is cunning. He’ll trick you out of your answers, like a Ferengi out for profit. Let’s first stay a bit closer to Now in the other direction, to set the mood. It originally displayed as duration 3:33 for you numerical freaks out there…

And I got tricked again! Not really remembering the lyrics, just that I liked it way back for no particular reason at all, and that it was about feelings in general, I decided to play you Morris Albert and Feelings…

… only to listen to the lyrics and find the sentiment displayed here is strikingly similar to the situation I find myself in Now! Even the dedication at the start fits, because M to me stands for one of the aliases Seda used on the sites where she appears. But then I guess this article is about me resolving this once and for all.

Have you found the answer yet? Input or Output? I’m not moving here until you decide on any of the many interesting possibilities available to you right Now! Mind you, it is a preliminary choice only, I’ll not hold you in contempt for answering wrongly, or changing your mind afterwards. I just want you to realize where you are coming from….

In fact there are no wrong answers, because anything you decide is the rule in your particular nick of the woods,  that I know for sure. And that is not a decision made by my brain or even my mind: they have been taken offline by a head cold since last night, which thoroughly restricted the occurrance of of any kind inside my skull cavity, except for the forced of me trying to clear it with rolls of toilet paper ;-). The backup cavity has no such problems, because my 6.3 liter V2 lungs leave my heart plenty of room, so here goes…. [nothing deleted on purpose].


found @ http://xkcd.com/99/

Actually, backup system is a completely incorrect term. It’s more of a doubly redundant  system, with both holding equal capabilities, running in tandem, and both capable of mastering the ship should the other be a bit less up to speed on things….

Feelings are ‘All of the Above’ LITERALLY! They are not just inputs in the sense that they are immutable constants that you have to deal with, or even outputs in the sense that you and only you decide on how you feel about a certain thing. It is more of and endless stream of the following:

  • Condition: observed either outside or inside OneSelf.
  • Decision: How do you feel about it?
  • Free will: what do we want to do about it?
  • Action: and even no action is action.

Mostly, we figure there is only one free will moment in each cycle of this endless loop, because ending the list gets you right back to square One! But look again, and find the hidden Free Will in there….  Right! "How Do You Feel About It?" hides the first moment of choice. And even though the options we eventually become aware of may be limited in number, the feelings we may conjure up about any observed phenomenon are NOT! It is an endless range of shades, nuances, outright polarities and what not that is on display here! Our mind presents us with one default choice mostly, which worked best in the past. But if we don’t like the choices available to us as a result, why not change the rules of the game by setting the mood to something entirely different? That is what we usually call "Thinking outside the Box"

So back to the mood set by Morris Albert. He obviously has set his mood, and chose to lament the past and his inability to forget it. Well, I can’t forget it either, but fortunately I have clever girls! (movie quiz: "Clever Girl!"  who said it to whom in what movie?)  Anyway, this time it was Melanie who ‘reminded’ me literally: her MSN tagline recently read: "Don’t cry because  it’s over, laugh because it happened!" And so, yes I do!

Now people tell us often enough we have free will, but not all of them realize we also have that same power of Will over our feelings and sentiments. And that really makes all the difference! It is like solving a Rubik’s Cube the Engineers way: rather than sticking to the choices you appear to have, you just flip out a corner piece, take it apart, and then reassemble it any way you like!

So, what do you think? With all this awesome engineer’s power, would I choose this as my next approach?

Yep, Carlos Santana made it into a hit, but these guys did the creational work, I guess…..  But no, not my choice either. I could go on endlessly, given the amount of songs written and performed about romantic love. There are as many moods in there as there are fleas on a stray dog’s skin. So give me a while to decide on which sentiment feels most like the one I happen to be partial to today….

Interrupt: the youtube video of the Zombies was posted by mitchman6969…  Being a sucker for double double digits, I looked it up in the Numerological article stored in the links below:

6’s and 9’s, such as 669 or 699 –
Detach from your material items, especially if you have had any
obsession with any particular type of material possession. This number
sequence asks you to let go and detach. Also, this is a message that
something in your life is about to be replaced with something better.
Be open to receiving new possessions that exceed your expectations, as
you are ready to be upgraded. You deserve the best! 

Just a piece of advice from the Angels about my next choice, I guess…..

It took a while, but then it was a journey of discovery for me too: Having always loved Journey for their double live album Captured even when it was still black vinyl, I ended up finding a song which until now I never knew Steve Perry wrote: Open Arms….(which synchronistically comes from an album called Escape!)

Now I don’t know about you, but to me Hope is a concept you decide on, which doesn’t block anything else. It is not waiting as much as it is leaving a door open while being busy with other things, not leaving the phone off the hook because you’re busy doing other things….

Synchronistic afterplay: the poster of this vid is called BasicGreatGuy, and he posted only two vids: this one, and a ten second diddy showing a few pictures of his cats…..  Go figure!

Well, enough on this for now. Let’s wrap it up, and forget all about it. In my experience that’s the best way to manifest: trust the impossible, and then forget about the want…..

Love your Amnesia,