I’ve only been away a week or two, if I rationalize it, but it feels like ages! And starting my second update after the break, I suddenly feel like I’ve outgrown the stuff I used to post. There is soo much more out there that is worthy of our attention!

Reality now feels very much like the work of Escher, a fellow Dutchman. The ants above are one of his works, and in a simple way explain how he felt, probably similar to how I do now. We know the world as our Earth, a sphere, to which we are clung like the surface mounted devices that we are. That concept by the way, was not thought up by me, but retriggered in my mind by a grafitti tag on the train this afternoon: SMD’s it said simply. Having had earlier encounter with grafitti both today and last week, I tend to take these things serously. Like for instance the few of them scattered around my train car this morning. Again, no picture because I didn’t want to disturb the lady sitting in front of them, but believe me, they were there, right in train car 8666 of the dutch railways:


To me, that spells laughing out loud all the way, from nothing to money, to individual, to God, and then back to nothing….

But to get back to Escher. Have you all noticed the following observations?:

  • When we used to get our meet at the butchers, not one piece of it was the same as another piece. Yet in supermarkets, meat is quite uniform in size and shape, suggesting that cows are no longer chunky animals, but long strings of meat that you can just carve a nice regular piece off. Even the slices of meat we put on our sandwiches have this same ‘I am perfectly regular’ attitude.
  • The software we make, looks far less perfect than the software we use ourselves. If I look at our products, I’ll not say they are bad, but the ones made by other companies look far better because we only see the outside.
  • Taking a closer look at the untold number of websites selling us stuff, I notice how some of these sites are like some of the stores here in Zutphen: there is a storefront, but nothing much going on in there. And even those stores that do deliver actual products, come up with some offerings that seem not quite right: this morning I got a mail from a delivery site that told me my saved points were expiring, and would I like to use them to buy something. I replied that those 118 points, with a value of 1 euro 18 were not even enough to order the cheapest item in their catalog…..
  • We all hear of the excesses in our world, both positive and negative. But come to think of it, I’ve never even seen anyone die with my own eyes… I’ve seen a few being born, but that’s all positive. And yes, people disappear from my life, but never by actually dying right in front of me.
  • What I do encounter regularly, are events so utterly improbable, that I would probably disbelieve them if anyone told me about having gone through them. But then there is no denying, because I was there myself!

What if reality, instead of being linear in the same directions for all of us, it is a whirly web of the paths we take, held together by the encounters we have? So any displacement of humans or goods makes waves in the all, which we all pick up, but since in Reality there is no space or time, it is just a gordian knot of immense proportions, made up of ….

But right now, I’m in an encounter of my own, so I’ll leave you friends here, to ponder my idea….

Love you All,