That’s fast! They jump out of the woodwork the moment you think you’re ill:

And if you don’t see the True Truth behind that , look again and STOP THINKING!  ;-)

It does not peddle a cure, it IS the cure! Just a quick and inexpensive enjoyable mindfuck to get you back on track! For those that aren’t immediately cured, and require -up treatments, these DVD’s will definitely bang for your buck! Just don’t shoot it until you’ve seen its children:

I wished to see through the world, especially the female ? Well, I got what was coming to me, bigtime! Conspiracies, Internet filth of various Sources, it no longer matters: I see right through it! And what’s more, so do you! You just don’t know it yet….

One thing to keep in mind: everything is neutral! What you make it after that is your doing. No One to blame but your Self, in either lower of fashion. Because in the end, it is only YOU!

It is like the Air around us: we have no trouble seeing through that, do we? Same for the Joy of Life: that is even more airy-fairy than Air itself! So it can be detected not by the shadows it makes, the touch of wind on your skin, or the sound of Silence. It’s only detectable attribute is magnetism, and you have the ideal detector for it built in already: your Heart! Did you know that the heart’s magnetic pulse can be detected well over a meter away from the human body? And magnetism interacts its kind, so it is directly linked to the of Life that flows EveryWhere!

Just sit back, relax, and do , and your cure for AADS will be complete. No need for the link above, but then the that built that site already knows….  He invented the cure before I could!

Gotta go!