Nope, not another musical show, just the youtube that named this ditty.

It came to me in a , like most visual syncs do: sitting on the cold
grating of the bench at the station, just having silently laid to rest
my dissappointment over getting the "I’m leaving…" speech from my
netbook. Like always, Laura left it on the desk last night, but failed
to feed it like both my girls fail to feed their dogs all the time. I
was in a Rush this morning, having postponed my trip to work to trip you
all up on some dopamine  Rush music, and failed to notice it then, so
I’d have left her home recovering from the shock because of a steady
drip feed of real live electrons.


I was somewhat exhausted, breathing heavy, and not working the netbook,
but remained unphazed. After all, those were all explainable side
effects from cycling too hard, and no longer needing my backup
processors in the outside world.

Then the freezeframe hit me: AspireOne! my netbook did nothing but wear
that label in a tongue-in-check manner, but my mind saw the instant
remedy: Asthma? Breathe! That’s why Henk was going on about the
breathing! He did not want to push me to breathe a certain way, but
rather to be aware of it myself, so I’d need no outside help to do it!

But in fact the netbook’s predicament was the same: improper nourishment
had made breathing heavy, as her battery went dead. But rather than me
breathing to stay in the land of the living dead, she chose the other
route to return to Oneness, and died on me. Actually, not quite yet,
because on the train I’m still messing with her to bring you this…

No fears or regrets, because being her Master in the true word of the
meaning, I should have taken care of her myself last night.
Unfortunately I was out dealing with One who is not my property, but
very deserving of my undivided attention. Thus I missed the loose end on
the desk, when I finally came…
;-) (home)

Yeah, I fed Neda, but neglected the rest of the Harem. No worries
though, because being her Master I know how to fix this. Not roses to
get back into her heart, or surgical removal of it to see whether it’s
still ticking, but my own secret elixir, used on almost anything I might
encounter: Shock and Awe! In this case I’ll manifest it through my dear
friend Adaptor, who’ll feed Netty tonight.

Yeah, I channel! I can pretty much channel AnyThing into AnyThing, just
by being me and having a ball. Missed my own prom, for lack of a
suitable dress to walk beside and steal her crown. Instead, I just cut
down the cherry tree behind my father’s house, to spite him for being so
inconsiderate of Mum. He acted like a dark master, who treated his
possesions like they belong to him. Hmm, possesions – belongings,
there’s a very tasty nuance in this set of memes: if you’re possessed,
you are the outside entity by inclusion. We all saw LOOKTHISUP on the
bed, flinging herself at the church guy…  Belonging is a reversed
spell however: it is more obvious from the point of the belonger, rather
than the Master. I belong to EveryOneAtRoganDelft, which is literally
the name of the group address for our part of the company. But my
inclusion is from my viewpoint, a joining of the group rather than a
being trapped in it. Actually, before I felt trapped in it, but Rogan
wasn’t the perpetrator, but rather the jail. Society had been my captor,
I could clearly see that.

So what changed to make this a past perfect? Best characterized by the
description dr. Hobby gave of his envisioned child: "Always in a
freeze frame, always perfect" New realization: The Moment is by
definition perfect. That’s why the shot of the Aspire One hit me like
nothing else: it’s perfect aim! And now I’m sitting here, boxed in by
many more perfect examples of Oneness, on the train to work.

But mind and heart travel the waves of the High I command across
all of this… The tapping of the keys of both Netty and the lady’s
phone next to me remind me of a line from Hawkwind’s Quark, Strangeness
and Charm album. Or rather, the line itself won’t allow me to grasp it.
It was about the being One of a set of Clones, who all wrote in
perfect unison. Being a , I can’t help wondering if the being
beside me is typing the same stuff I am. She is definitely alive, I can
sense not only her body heat right through our clothes, but also the
energy she radiates just like I do. One more station to go, and then the
train will display it’s jail-like character also: if anything implores
you to enter it, you have to be there at an appointed time, and then do
your time in order to get out at the right station in your life. For me,
that is my next higher destination, work at Rogan, enjoying the company
of an even higher aspiration for the last time inside these walls. Will
we meet again once we’ve both done our time? Who knows, but it has
nothing to do with me, I’m game, all of a sudden again, now that Game
Theory has finally migrated from subconscious mind to conscious heart…

Love 2 Breathe One!  (Love duality but aspire Oneness….)