Another weekend of seemingly endless domestic chores had me pondering why we seem to be needing to do that, apart from getting an environment that looks like it hasn’t been lived in yet. To me, a spotless interior says nothing other than "There’s no life here, let’s move on…."  But, as is often the case, I may be soo wrong!

I may have been wrong until I realised the sheer genius behind Bashar’s "Follow your Highest Excitement", where the ‘heaven’ is in the details: It is not seeing stuff that has to be done in order to arrive someplace where you don’t particularly want to go, but in just deciding it needs to be done for its own sake, and then being One with it!

And does that help you in any way? Who knows, since all is connected? Sure, that not so hot target you avoided the activity for in the first place might not work for you, but at least you are busy doing stuff leisurely just for the fun of it, at whatever level happens to be yours to excel in at this particular moment. Sure, I’m writing this article, because it briefly became more exciting than doing the dishes or folding the laundry. But when it’s done, waiting for reactions has become less and less interesting over the past weeks, so the netbook will just be on to provide me with some music while I do the other things….

And I know it’s no race, but or any other mechanism of growth and evolution is a ladder of some sorts, and thus requires climbing:

Climbing however is not a competitive event. You can turn it into one, and make it as difficult as you want, but many of us would rather climb a ladder than traverse a sheer rock face by just the tips of their fingers and toes! I’m one of those guys, having failed the climbing wall at my daughters’ school a few years ago. So yes, I need something to hold onto. But being equipped with rather oversized arms and ditto hands, I tend to reach high! Even the very daring staircase at gets done two steps at a time, doubletime. 

Back to Bashar however, and those  most exciting things: There too, I reach for the sky,  and not in surrender! As a result, the Cosmos presents me with something like: "Nope, you can’t have this yet, but why not enjoy something more in your current vibration first?" It took me a while to come to that conclusion, or at least not see it as a hindrance, a refusal that blocked me from getting to where I want to be.

But it is not blocking me, I see that now…  they are simply the rungs of the ladder that I usually overreach in my desire to get up there! So why not slow down a bit, because where I’m going is still where I thought I was going, and time of arrival has nothing to do with anything other than an arbitrary division of Now created by a mindset not yet capable of taking it all in at once, at the time. Time is just a self-fulfilling prophecy, which was waiting to happen, and now it has. Time to call it quits, and go back to Now!

And having said that, I’ll make another pot of coffee, and some breakfast for the ladies, and will then dive into Ayreon’s the Human Equation and a bunch of dishes and dried clothes….

I Love watching plans come together,