Not quite, Boys and Gals! Woke up around four, dead ahead of my phone and the alarm clock, so I might be called ‘Best of Three’ today….

But seriously folks, this diddy that just got elected head of class ain’t half bad even if it is performed in a down in the dumps sort of way. Lot to be said for it, if you look at the lyrics instead of listening with your mind:

But then again, why bother? First page of lyrics for ‘late again’ that I bothered to consult in order to show you what I mean verbatim, came up empty as if to say: "Nah, you do it! You fill the bag, you’re Dutch Right? You fill the bag!"

A straight redistribute of John Fealey would be the cop-out: Not only did I post him last week, but SomeOne made a remix, so that would be a better choice now, Right?

Reminds me of what my dear old dad once said. He’s still alive, so don’t think for One Moment I’d be speaking ill of the dead. Wouldn’t be effective anyway, because the dead do not get ill!  ;-)   But he once (or actually on many ) said he hated people that ended every sentence they uttered with "Yes?", Yes?  Had no idea why, but he did: "It makes you feel like they are saying ‘Did you understand, AssWHole?". Now my Dad doesn’t speak English, so he actually never did, but he did literally say "Da’s alsof ze bedoelen: ‘Begrijp je me, klootzak?’" Strong Meme, that was! Took me the better part of 48 years to unravel it….

And me ending that last sentence in "Right?", right?, gave it All Away: Suddenly it occurred to me that I do it all the time, just so I know I’m on the right track! Gives the people around you a chance to agree (which my dad feels to be totally unnecessary), amend (you shouldn’t mess with perfection in his vision), adorn (that should appeal to him, he does beautiful cross-stitches, really!) or  just plain answer (well, that would be beneath his feeling of Oneness).

Yes, my Dad is One! He may not be the best or the worst one, but he did have me fooled for maybe forty years into thinking he doesn’t Love Me. I should know better of course, because my dad loves men…   And made it very clear to me, that had I been a woman, he would love me even less. Now do not for One Moment think I am putting him down, or even spilling the beans on the guy, because that he did by himself already. Merely using a real live situation as raw materials to make a point… But what’s the point, you say? Well, I’m not sure yet. Just stitching together some words, and doing a few cross stitches here and there, like my dad does all the time. He loves to cross-stitch, and I guess I got that from him. But he uses yarn, beads and stuff, where I used words, images, concepts, and pretty well anything I can get my grubby little paws onto! Roarhh! I feel Gr8!

Now this one, 0044.jpg he did for himself, among many of the women he sewed. Weird thing though: ‘naaien’ in Dutch is truly ambiguous, because it means both using a needle and thread, and the act of impregnating (or at least trying to impregnate) a woman, or the many other variations of sticking it to a Whole. Loves men, hates women, is continuously and quite literally screwing around with both of them, and proud of it! You should see the four seasons he did for himself first, but handed them over to me when he was done with them: Beautiful, the lot. Fully dressed of course, but it took him (as he proudly stated) 555 hours to get them all ready….

And my point? No point, just teaching by example here, as my Dad so eloquently taught me…. lessons are always there, they just stick to your mind as the cluttering they are, until you make it clear by realizing what you’re realizing….

Love your Realizations, Lasses…

Love U All!