"Buy Location", the thought spit into my minds’ Eye.  3:33 at most, and my secreterial position would become imminent till well beyond that point in time. Well, if solitary company was the objective of the day, then my gut knew exactly where to land my bum: a soft bit of soil right at the entrance to anything: Industrial strength property left, along with some housing development, and the river on the right, making it an even pair of Pensacola’s. No small steps this time, Poppa was coming home, and there were no two ways around it. Except maybe the backside, which was gipsy country. But then the travelling aspects were of course never to be neglected…The across the river Sumida gave me no objections whatsoever,
helped along by the general malaise that rocked the nation. Sure, they’d
generously donate the required 2.2 Gigabucks needed to erect her: for a
teen ready and willing to see through shit, my attempt at homing in on
Reality was a bit too easy a hit: with a few quick backstrokes to his
superior, he got me the keys to the vault, and I was on my way to work
with a beer in my belly. Barely enjoyable since I don’t do alcohol, but
small surrender for the dream of a lifetime seemed none too
Movie right now, back to the future and into it: with enough time to
spare, I could easily release the inhibitions of non-Abundance, and suck
this baby into existance. Apply pressure only when fuzzy dice and a
rear view mirror can’t get you out of  a bind…
Bilocation demanded that I keep an eye on both, but the rythm of her
smile gave me wings (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZeHQA-9aaD4)
No worries till the touchdown, but the broker needed to be verified and
informed of my intent to acquire. He was still asleep, so my offer to
release him of his property would have to wait until he was in a waking
state. Rocking to the beat, it deadended me by sudden silence. Suitable
replacement was only a few lines away, but so as not to push you into a
discoteque, I’ll keep that to myself.
Still over an hour of miracle time to move out in reality, so let’s get
cracking. Retrieving the designs off the home system, I sat down and
went over them with a solid cold brush of tender love. That, my friends,
you can have enough of, but still fall short of the manifesto. Fragma
confirmed my magic status, in an attempt to remove my MIB bodysuit. It
only fragmented into my true colors, the non-descript mass-produced
dribble that hides my good intentions from those that do not appreciate
Brands are overrated, since most of it comes from identical factories in
lower wage contries. But in reality, brands form a huge tsunami of
meaning in today’s world. Stuff like G-Star Raw, which simply seem to
advertize their brand name on the stuff they produce, But just look at
it, and you’ll of the raw power of gravity, or the star power of God.
That, along with any other non-local abberations: like me for instance,
I’d pronounce it GiRow, which in my mind immediately liquefies into
money, or the lack thereof: in Holland part of the used to
be giro-accounts, hence the added confusion.
Guy time: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNcchcZQyVo&NR=1) Another
I ain’t never heard of, but the added innuendo of my newfound
friens greatly accelerates my evolution into global evolvement and
beyond. Well, Guetta didn’t quite hit my G-spot, so he’s quickly
replaced by Michael Mind:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CconmbbZWJQ&feature=related  (hope he
Forty-two minutes till biketime, as the video reminds me.  I’ll just
stick to another cappuccino, and keep the fire burning 24/7….
Breakfast was up next, deliscious tasty wheat, enhanced with the sweet
smell of absolute certainty. Today was going to be a  run  of perfectly
executed tests, capable of finding any defect in the programme I’d been
given. Likewise, there would be an ulterior test running,along with the
entire enhance and integrate stance of the Surrealite crew. They’d steer
me into any opportunities where I could improve myself, or acquire
information that would help make the most of it all….