Let’s face it, I never really spoke out harshly against it, but I used to loathe Business and Commerce. I somehow figured that the tit-for-tat-attitude encountered there could never amount to any freedom: to much rules, regulations, contracts, laws, and other boring stuff.

Also, I despised advertising, having been dulled down by too many commercials. After all, Commerce and Commercial are virtual Ethymological , right? (Oops, did it again: note to lower self: stop asking for confirmation)But then, having just finished Laid Again, and going down on the
classroom for some presumably old school material, I came early and thus
encountered an empty classroom. Empty, except for the mandatory
advertizing placed there to woo the students. One billboard was
exceptionally remarkable, because it sort of told the Laid Again story I
just told you, but this time in pictures:

Remember Source? Well, in this totally unrelated graphical display, he
is right at the bottom. The top is where we are, U and I communicating
face to face. Virtually of course, in the case of Moorelife, but some of
you I can actually look in the eye. Remember by the way my remark about
the two lines from the two lyrics? Yep, Eyes again!

But the important part is in the middle: It is the technical solution my
company has announced as its latest development, and it is called
(would you believe it?) an Affinity Domain! The more intuitive readers
will already see a picture emerging here, and even the clever ones will
have noticed where I’m going. Pending any sudden changes of course, of
course, they could well be right….

Affinity: that which we like. It’s a cloudy system because it’s on the
Web, and no One knows where the Servers are at! Well, some do, most
don’t, but those that need to know, KNOW.

And as it is in the Realm of Medical Information Technology, so it is in
the Cosmos @ Large! Source is the base, we are the top, and the
Combined processing power of the Web unites us, and provides for all our
information needs…

Call it Good, call it Bad, in the end it is just a tool, so versatile
anyone can use it without RTFM or WTF, given enough practice….

Love your Affinities,