Nope, Saturday today, so work is out of the question. Or at least that’s what it looks like: the three of us, after breakfast, hanging around on couches and chairs, interacting with various pieces of technology: Mel’s new Blackberry 9700, which she jokingly calls ‘Whiteberry’ because of its color, is passed around between the ladies to experience the various games and apps that can be downloaded for it. Me, I occupy the big desktop, test driving this great tools disk I encountered last week: Spotmau PowerSuite 2010, every imaginable piece of equipment to analyze, manipulate, rescue, and gain access to various parts of a computer….

Sidenote: Watching the Spotmau logo, I can’t help thinking this guy used his cat to name his company…..  ;-)

Now I’m in the twilight zone, that grey area between ‘work’ and ‘play’: I convinced my boss I need that program for my job, and he sent over the ‘garbage can’ to wield the company credit card, so I could acquire it. If you have no idea why I just called her that, look at yesterday’s articles, or the day before: she called me the ‘garbage can’, not the other way around, so I guess we’re even now….  ;-)

Anyway, that tool has many functions, some of which are "for Specialists only, do not try this at home!". But in order to become that specialist, that’s just what I’m doing! I mean, you can’t just wipe any harddisk at work, and expect the tool to flawlessly resurrect it now, can you? It is all about building up that confidence, that the other party does what it says it does, even when that party is a sequence of bits instead of a real live person. In that, you can say I treat all equally: I trust them to do what they are saying, but try to keep their influence in an area where I consider any transgression as a ‘calculated risk’ rather than a ‘irreversible catastrophe’. Some like to live dangerously, and jump in head over heels. But then they are not me, and yet they are, for All is One…..

But for now, this article will be cut short: Laura has a busted rib, and is using her ‘puppy eyes’ look to get me to the pharmacy to get her a big bandage. So I guess it’s Heart @ Work anyway, because who can resist them?

Love your Disasters, they’re here to be fixed….