This morning, a single comment from Mari had me thinking about adding a new column to Moorelife:

"I feel so much gratitude that you are sharing all that with us, thanks
pal! You know – it is important how felt today at work, it is valuable
to know it for all of us! So always let us know :)"

Even though it almost sounds too sweet to be true, I have no desire to call a lady a liar, and thus must tread this as heartfelt truth. Therefor, Heart @  Work will be a regularly returning item on Moorelife, because I agree with Mari: what we feel about work reflects a lot about what we feel about Life!

Today was another one of those fly-by-while-you-work days: I had a full schedule right from when I came in, starting with an installation job that went horribly  wrong yesterday afternoon. Not looking forward to having to sort out that mess of ill-maintained documentation, I set to work on finding myself some more free space on the various servers. To private people, finding more space equals going to the store and shelling out sixty euros for a brandnew 1 Terabyte disk, but unfortunately professional server have disks that cost way more, and deliver way less. So really finding space was important.

Next came in, to tell me he’d changed his mind about Server 4: it no longer needed the badly documented stuff, so I was almost done with it already! And the space problem he’d solved because our sister company downstairs had retrieved a couple of servers from one of our customer hospitals, that merely needed to be installed in our rack space. So synchronicity seemed to be working all out to make my day as pleasant as inhumanly possible.

And as me and Willy racked up the servers, I realized that this was one part of the new job which I absolutely adore: getting hands-on experience with technology, rather than just having to restrict oneself to glaring at a screen and fingering a keyboard and mouse! And believe me, this type of job is more widespread in my new workload than one might think: not only do I have to keep the in working order, but demo machines also drop by my office. 

Point in case was Fred, who walked past my office carrying a laptop case and a can of coke about the time I wanted to put on my coat to return home. Since that was my prevalent mood, wondering how time had fled, I remarked to him: "Are you going home early, Fred? Sounds like a good idea!". He smiled his wickedest smile, and stepped across my treshold. "There you go again, always assuming…." he said. And then he laid the laptop case on the desk opposite me. Explaining it was from a recently departed colleague, who had moved to down under, it reminded me of Men at Work:

Until recently though, such last ditch efforts to mess up your working day were among the nastiest of disturbances for my mood. But like I said yesterday, something changed for the better, and it looked like it had taken that annoyance with it. I calmly let Fred explain what he wanted with the machine, set up the backup to save the old files from it to the portable harddisk, and asked my colleague nextdoor to confirm the copy command once Windows had figured out what it wanted to copy. Then a stiff walk towards the station, and figuring out as I went that I was still missing some information in Fred’s very global executive outline of his request. I’ll bother him with that the moment he comes in tomorrow.

I never could figure out what most people liked about their work. I had that kind of enthousiasm when I finally exited the school system, but less favorable events led to work becoming a drag, the forced activity that was required to make a living. That collided with Fred, because he lives to work, while I used to work to live. I’m not saying I have switched sides now, but at least I can now see both sides of that coin. And getting the job I actually wanted may have had a lot to do with that….

Looking forward to work again…