Yes, when you say something like that, it’ll haunt you to the end of your days! I do this in a more modest way by telling my kids once that: "If you are happy, I am happy!", which kept me hearing it literally for years! Now that was a BooBoo, but Morgan did a more positive number on the moviegoing audience: He claimed to be when in fact he was in the movie Bruce Almighty! But I’m on His side, especially in case he might be right, and I’m not it! Just click on the image to study the following neutrally manipulated screenshot for a moment….


I went looking for an image to use for this article, but Source had prepared a slight surprise for me too: Top left you find the image I probably would have chosen, or at least something close to it. The next two are about another famous quote, that kinda cuts the limb on which Freeman has elevated himself. The third one actually drew my attention first, because the lady ain’t no tramp but merely looks like a Goth, if you get my drift…. And the fourth One is Source’s signature: the humor in the sync alone gets cheekishly blown out of proportion by the tailgunner: a Dog (God spelled backwards) who is asking you who is awesome. Whoah, backup and read that last line again! Then tell me "Who is Awesome". And if you can’t get it and need to be appointed God first, check his paw! Who is it pointing at?

And yes, I could have faked this, like many have faked nude celebrities on the Web. But I’m a simple guy: I cannot imagine these connections,  but can detect them. The only manipulation I did was to make all four of the images appear enlarged, in the exact position they occupied. Or do you really think I’m God (enough already!) to Mastermind the entire Web so would be tempted to display these image search results in the exact relative positions, let alone herding the WebMinds into creating all these images in the first place? Don’t Think Again, because thinking isn’t gonna get it. 

Switch off, or merge your hemispheres and you’re halfway there!

Love your search results, they are motherlodes