Let’s first set the stage for this One….

Last night a dear friend commented on my musings on Moorelife yesterday. Nobody saw a thing about that, except me, her, and the One. And yes, for the record I can state that in my experience, only One knew about it….  ;-)

She, assumedly a female, somewhere on this Earth, of unknown age, suggested that I perform an experiment on myself. Not something like the hand-and-hammer trick suggested in the video below, but an experiment of seeing. For one week, I am supposed to view anything I behold through my , instead of the stereocopic vision system that normally serves me. 

The moment I read her advice, there was this distinct feeling right front and center of my cerebellum, where obviously somebody was jumping at the prospect of being given half a chance! And I clearly remembered that same divine being having mailed me the exact same advice about two months ago, only then it didn’t catch: I read, thought about it, and layed it aside because I wsn’t ready for it back then. Sorry for that….  But now, I think the time is right!

Figuring this week is going to be an interesting week, with my third eye now vigilant and constantly making me aware of its presence. Even as I type, there is this weird idea that that is right up against my areas of most abstract thoughts, but in fact supposedly transcends them. Will it make thinking obsolete, or merely turn it into one of those things that stick around for when we need them? Kinda like record players and old vinyl Long Play records, that are still around for those seeking a little time off from the digital perfection of CD and DVD. I figure there is room for all, but some stuff just becomes more preferred as we rise to the occasion….

I Love the Changes,