At first I was a bit annoyed at tubelawak always plugging his site here while most of my readers don’t speak the language used there. I should have known better of course, because even if I don’t speak the language consciously, there is always our knowledge in the common area of all Language, called Source. That, and our trusted partner called the Web!

Even though I did not speak the language, which I did recognize as probably being Malaysian, I did follow her links whenever they appeared, and did find graphics there that were at least meaningful to my then current situation. I began to see how All is linked, even if a link isn’t always obvious. So this afternoon I posted Male vs. Female – Analyze This!, which was promptly followed by Tubelawak posting her site again in the with a big smile beside it. As usual I did follow the link, and got caught by this image:


Now I have seen quite a lot of car designs, and love the beauty of them, but this is not a typical one: who would paint a car deep blue, and then only decorate it with a Libra sign on the hood and the doors? To me it said "OK you, I guess you are finally balanced! Congrats!". But experience showed me that if you dig too deep, the falls apart, so I did:

Instead of my usual , Altavista’s Babel Fish, I went looking for a that could do Malaysian to English, and found it at That got me more insight into Tubelawak’s site, and the knowledge she’s probably female. More interesting hints in other articles there, which I won’t bother you with. After all, she is just another aspect of Me helping me along, and even though she might do the same for you, there is no telling in which Reality she currently resides. Doesn’t really matter, but I’m glad to be able to call her a friend a least!

I Love my Friends, they make Life Moore….