OK, that came our a bit too Right, let  me rephrase:

Not quite the image befitting a 6’8" Dutch Guy who doesn’t look overweight but still halts the scales around 108 kilograms, no? Well, appearances may be deceiving: I’m Dutch, so the lion bit is in my blood, even if I don’t ever watch the soccer world finals (not even when my team is up). OK, I’m not considered overweight, like MISSZ1 whose image I borrowed (wasn’t even hers, but it appeared on her homepage), but I did suffer from Lack of feeling Grrr8. And yes, I am a Guy, whatever that may mean ;-) Did you say "mean"? Nope, that I’m not…

Well, I’m a mean scrabbler, master of mincing words, but that’s about it….

So I woke up feeling Grrr8, big deal! But there’s Moore: in Dutch, Grrr8 translates as GROOT, which easily turns into GR∞T. Got it?…. Gr∞!

And on top of that, walking down the stairs, my cell alerted me to the fact that it was 4:44, even though my alarm was set for 4:55:

444 – The are surrounding you now, reassuring you of their love and help. Don’t worry because the ’ help is nearby. 

4’s and 5’s, such as 455 or 445 – Your angels are involved in one of your significant life changes right now. 

So yes, if someone asks today "How do you feel?", the answer won’t be "Plat op m’n bek!" (translation: flat on my face), which is a cheap Dutch joke, but then you know us, right? It will instead be:

Ad Infinitum…..