Today I lost my eldest, and refound her in a small kids arms and voice…. The little devil and his crystal tongue had lifted her up,  right out of harm’s way, like Hancock frontended a freight train in order to preserve a boxed in somebody. She had just enough time to send me a Trinity mailbomb before diving into the flow of Heaven:

In following her trail, I downsized the evidence, without diminishing its numerological significance. Actually, that quality got enhanced infinitely when the processor required for it indicated an infinite aspect of multidimensional proportions:

I Love this Guy! He have plenty of love for all concerned, as was witnessed by the angels when I sent for a hollow heart to put all that Love and Oneness into: it never needed resizing, because the infinity recursed it into a perfect fit!

Yes, today Laura showed me her perfect taste in men, and her qualities to be a Moorelifer forever: no attachment, not even to her dad and his virtual home. She won’t be missed, regardless. But her heritage at least left me filled with music. And she’s not even concerned about him diving into younger girls:

Oops, busted! I couldn’t get past her big sister who saved her little angel from being embedded, but as a parent I wholeheartedly agree. So I’ll just hand you the address to go visit the little angel yourself:

Another BILL, if you know what I mean: Baby I Love to Love. Cody is definitely One who realized the Oneness of it All, and is now diligently teaching her Mom and her Sister, as if she really needs to. Those who saw more of her know already that the entire Cody Family is wild about the boy! And this particular video was the cannon that landed them national fame: over fifteen million views, in a matter of just nine months! Surely, there’s bound to be at least one fortune hunter in the pack….

But this was a fortune hunter with a heart of gold! He had the connections to get to Justin, and told him about Cody’s Massive Crush. Bieber immediately found another Limitless Love, and set the TV guy up to arrange a meeting of Beautiful Minds and Hearts. Laura returned from her Velvet Trip to feed her Dad some Moore Bieber, consumed while mindlessly doing the dishes. I got immersed by the immense clarity of this little fellow and his friend, the Son of Will. Just let me add some of that Sound  and Vision below the dotted line, so you can tear it off and take it home:

8<——– ——– ——–
——– ——– ——–
——– ——– ——–

And who other to him in than Mr. himself, who already had the Presence of Oneness  to find this gem, and get him into doing what and who he really Loves….. Because the kid is a SuperNatural: he sings, plays various instruments, and dances around MJ like there’s nofear@all!

may be the champions with other hits, but Justin has wiped them of the Chart of All times with his very own interpretation of Somebody to Love. And let’s be honest: doesn’t this  far more perfectly upgrade the Sign of ? Wiped out by a teenager! Believe me, I know how Queen feels! Freddy probably saw this coming, and handed him the crown with Innuendo attached as a warning:

Bieber on the other hand correctly assessed the situation, without assassinating the guy Linda called my double. In leaving me AllOne, he enabled me to create my own….except I left some desire and got twins!

Well Justin, guess we’ll All be keeping Her Less Lonely….  Thanks Bro! And I’m gonna wrap it up with a track from your Big Bro, who reminded me of everything that has happened here over the last few weeks and aeons. Take it Away, Usher!

Looks like I cried too soon, because following the leads to the Source, I bumped right smack into Demi Lovato, who reminded me of my own view as well:

Love U4 Life & B8….