Even if I don’t: Touchy just dropped the bombshell of her Everlasting insomnia on me, having not been able to replenish herself from the nightly drip feed. With her supplier keeping me company on the fabricated one stand, Netty had been pining away on the coffee table below. With both ladies indisposed, my Frantic at breaking Incommunicado seemed futile and totally mummy-like: My fingers wouldn’t budge, so my knife (bigger than me, stronger then me) peeled the aluminium restrainer of a pack of Ice Tea, and flushed my intent to down the throat of my -pity. Even on the run wouldn’t make me lose my cool!

Half before my ETD, I’m poised between a Fish and a Spotted Dick…..

But I’m still going out there cuz’ Love Still Alive, and SuperNatural lifelines don’t need extinction to make a difference… Twenty and counting, better get myself a little more wetter than that, chiller than that. Having another Ice Tea, wrestle this ditty to the finish, before compamy issued mountain boots get discarded in favor of lightweight sporting twins, No sport till Brooklyn! "I am Spartan 1337", yeah right: Non-luxury, Nun-lucky Son of another donkey that went belly up in the face of the !

Touchy calls from the night stand. She’s weak and still wrecked by Bieber fever, but willfully delivers messages from head elf Laura about the fact that Netty wont’be in the bag until tonight, and from the Silver Spinner, who’s urging me to drop the No-Luck attitude, and take just me, myself and I off to work my ass off. With minutes to spare, I sip here, sucking pixels, in violent Excitation. I need a Quote,  any Q!

That’d be right, but with five minutes to spare, let’s see if we can better Powers of Communication….  ;-)

Oops, too gready to suck you dry for information….   Time’s Up, butI’ll be pondering improval even if you don’t. Either that or Home Improvement!

I’ll be back :-)