Today I mean: had to wake Melanie at eight thirty, but had a fight with myself about sleeping in around seven: my body kept saying it was time to get up, but I had no inclination to: so finally I told it to shut up and listen to me for a change, and then woke up again at nine, slightly late. But hey, it’s a Saturday!

And just as I was discussing with my ladies their breakfast arrangements, my cell phone rang. I fished it out of my pocket, and watched the big screen: ‘unknown caller’ it said. I picked it up jovially, like most times, and was answered by a timid female voice that produced a somewhat reluctant "Hello", but did not identify herself clearly.

Now I love surprises, but the awkwardness an unidentified caller brings to a conversation kind of annoys me. And that is something I want to have resolved first, either by factual information, or a good bluff: she could have gotten past it by giving me any name, and the conversation would have been saved.

I briefly thought it was Ada, a friend from highschool who also never says her name, but inquiring into that possibillity did not ring a bell. So I again clearly stated my full name, and invited a further response. Well, I got that: "Ok, I will call back later then", the lady said in perfect Dutch, and before I could say she didn’t need to stop it right here, she hung up….

Now I could go on a rampage of highly positive expectations, but we all know that leads to nothing at all. And I’m not prone to seeing bad stuff either, because that will just jinx my good mood. So I’ll just write it away onto Moorelife, and put it down as yet another mystery of my universe, like the mysterious message I found in my phone last year:

Dutch too, and just as mysterious, as my analysis of it in Make It  Real tied it to my quest. Well, not anymore: I’m posting this as two as yet unsolved mysteries in my Universe, and am getting up to enjoy a solved mystery together with my girls: the oven just went ‘ping’….

Love your breakfast, forget the mystery. If it needs to be revealed, it’ll be back….