That’s probably what Mum thought, that cold winter’s day on February 23rd, 1963. This time it was a big One, measuring a whopping 25 inches, as opposed to the six that imprisoned him in the first place. Thank God, he was on his way out rather than in…

My Mum is a grateful One, always has been. Even the tiniest speck of hope will get her going. That, and her very persistent addiction to wanting to help. But this time Dad had helped her, and so she was Now Here…

Reminded me of the helpful driver, a sexist joke about driving, technology and miscommunication. Knowing you guys, you are now probably banging your mugs on the table, urging me to tell it. Considering the ladies, I probably just would confirm my sexist tendencies, but then I’m not in the least bit interested in dating anyone who takes offense. I do however love ladies who employ offensive strategies once they see what they like… So here goes:

A lady, standing on the side of the road, with her hands in her hair not because she wants to make herself prettier, but because her car broke down. Actually, she’s a woman in white, but that’s only funny when you already know the original or this ending. If you don’t know about women in white, watch one of the first episodes (2nd I think) of SuperNatural, which explains it all.

Anyway, as she stands there, a guy pulls over. Big guy, cute but probably taken like most of them are. She explains the problem to him, and while he is bent over the engine he casually tells her: &;Hmm, it will be the first time I’ve ever helped an expectant mummy….&;

"Huh, but I’m not pregnant!", is her reply. "Well, mam", he grins his most evil smile: "That’s just because I haven’t helped you yet…."

Yeah, I’m nasty! Especially with the twist about the woman in white: the guy doesn’t know it yet, but he’s dead already! And I guess I executed him, like a true Riku, without even having such a magic thing as "the Notebook". Well actually I have my netbook, and it is black, but who cares? ;-)


can magic be confined to an object or being? Can something that enables Infinite power, knowledge and wisdom, even Infinite possibility, be confined to a mere physical object, or even a human?
I say No! Being a Master of Words, you probably want me to back that up with more words, but may I respectfully ask that you come to a screeching halt in your thinking first, to let your heart decide the answer?

OK, you remember my recent post about Sources and their signals, right? And the Ones that perform magic are often called Sourcerers and Witches. Now the Sourcerers know what they’re doing, always. But being Source(erer)s, they transmit their knowledge to their apprentices. Those recognize the authority of the Sourcerer, and are eager to learn. But they don’t know which magic belongs where yet. And Sourcerers may look evil sometimes, but that’s just their knowledge of the awesome powers they are wielding. Strength in teaching does not imply lack of respect for One’s pupil.

Witches are like apprentices, in that they don’t know which is  which, but different because they do not acknowledge they don’t know! They have no room in their busy lives for a Teacher or Sourcerer,  but spend their precious time on figuring it out all by themselves. They do not see the Oneness in magic, which they often call magick just to distinguish it from the Sourcerer’s activities. And their male counterparts are equally locked in War: warlocks also refuse connections or at least value possession more. That’s why they are always at war.

In my Life, that same war can be observed in many ways: I’m an apprentice type character, fortunately not converted yet into a warlock. But boy, was I tempted when Doro drove her band Warlock on stage!

Weird thing is, I don’t remember much about it yet, but on the train just now, the fragment "Hell on Wheels" came to mind… Well, she is something. Ditched the band later, in true witch fashion, and just went on as Doro, which I gather to mean ‘the Gold One’: less ‘evil’, but certainly no less live and magical!

But while we’re on the subject, where did I put the female alternative to the Sourcerer? Ah yeah, Sourceress. Notice how witch and warlock are totally different words, but Sourcerer and Sourceress only differ in a very insignificant appendage? Yep, you God IT: Sourcerer and Sourceress both adher to the Source, or Oneness, where Witch and Warlock often see each other as enemies, and only form alliances where they think they have the upper hand.

And then came Charmed, which put the whole concept upside down and inside out. Talk about a mindfuck! I mean yeah, I do watch, gladly even, but I see right through it!

These writers make the distinction between dark and light allright, but they also obfuscate it by having dark witches, white witches (see above), whitelighters, darklighters, and every imaginable demon, succubus and whatever!

As for the Source, they corrupted him too (or at least tried to) by making him the most powerful of all dark beings, would you believe it? The most powerful of all Light beings I’ve never heard mention in the series, unless the Elders are it, but He or She must be in there somewhere as well. Can anybody enlighten me as to his or her name?

Still though, their fight is about good  vs. evil, and it does show that there is a certain Unity of Knowledge to behold. So all in All, the Oneness still remains, even though details may have become veiled.

But Oneness is holographic in nature. You can split it up, obscure it from observation,  but you can not take parts from it, because it is infinite, and thus has no outside! So taking parts away is out of the question. And those that want to behold the Oneness, have eyes to see, hands to touch, hearts to feel, etc….

So do the other beings, but since they have no desire to behold, they behold what they do want. As for actually holding it, that’s a different matter! I know, because I’ve been an apprentice, witch and warlock many times. Lately though, even if I didn’t realise it fully, I’ve been taught by the best! They came, did their magic and went, never to be seen again. Well, such is apprenticeship: you meet a master, learn from him what you can, but inevitably the moment comes when for you, there is nothing to learn there anymore. If you’ve achieved Oneness, you will probably part as close friends, but you will never be told you’ve achieved Oneness. If you don’t know that yourself, you haven’t!

But still, achieving it isn’t the end. Some stay linked to teachers even after that, because to paraphrase Quigon in Star Wars: "There’s always a bigger fish"  But let me tell you, the  push to become independent is definitely there, from the masters as well as our Higher Selves… because at the real top level,

U=All you God!

Love your Oneness, and your bottom lines…