Dear Tubelawak, don’t take this as an offense, or even an attempt at teaching, but this one I feel might bring that smile back on your pretty face….. (because I gather you deplored your lack of a more or less literary snack).

In business, the world has locked itself in Levels of Competence, to be able to gauge their achievements. Thus they put the emphasis, the aim of the bosses for their employees on improving that particular quality. So much for the controlling intention, most people would say: they know there is Free Will, so anyone can choose to enhance their calm, and then either comply or choose one of the Many Interesting Possibilities (Fealey, about three days ago…)

Let’s investigate a little MIP of our own, or rather One of My Choosing: Why not apply reverse psychology to Business, to arrive at the Levels of INCompetence? After all, company loves INCorporation, right? And we’re just the bots and bods doing the job.

"OK, bottom level, a tricky one: would a newborn baby rate anywhere at all on the Incompetence scale? Who’s gonna claim the date with the once this is all over? No, not you Neda, you’re the Belle of the Class, but not the ’s pet. I don’t want to feed you anything except information, since you’ve clearly mastered the art of transforming it to Knowledge. Let me see…   Ah yes, the One with the inside story, the Big Baby: Dré, what’s your verdict?"

"Guilty Sir!", came the forceful reply. The hulky bulk of my Bully Sidekick rose to his feet, answering the One question that was not asked. All over class, different answers arose, but Denise beat them to the punch, quietly awaiting her turn instead of adding to the chaos on the classroom floor.

"I would rate it all across the scale, Sir", she said. When I asked for her reasoning behind that, her soft warm voice picked up the slackers and took them on a grand tour of the wonder of birth….

"Well, there’s a few flight paths and approaches we could apply to this particular nexus in Time", she began. "Whether you are viewing it from the inside out or outside in, is as important as whether you are viewing it from the father’s or the mother’s viewpoint. If you add the employers who will eventually give the kid a job, things will grow out of control hyper-exponentially. So I would restrict my field of research to just this nexus, and not the vectors of probability that emerge from it."

I never knew Denise to be a jock! Like the guys with the ballpark figures, she stepped up to the plate and leveled the playing field by hitting everything thrown at her with one swipe of her powerful arms, hammering them All into the public!

"First, it is a baby, and we all agree on what a baby does, is and can
grow into. It is not a unanimous view, because there are those that love
babies and those that either never thought about them, or that
decided against them. Funny part is though, that the attributes of a
baby are virtually the same for everyone, although their labels for them
vary. Some are wielded like swords, others are lovingly dispersed, but
the memes still stick together, like they tend to do. For instance, you
know you’d like your babies to be all yours like Natasha Beddingfield,  but
when you imagine her boyfriend being less than enthousiastic about it,
you KNOW how he feels, even if you in your heart belong to Her. Yeah,
you’re just a Big Baby!"

I looked up and saw a few of the nerds and geeks glued to Denise’s
smooth tongue. She had them at her first remark, and never let go as
long as they needed her. Denise just wasn’t that kind of girl. Nope, not
THAT kind either, but to them that no longer mattered: they were high
as a kite on information that revealed them the kind of stuff they yearn
to learn!

She outlined the fact that the common denominator of ones passions,
preferences, likes, dislikes, fears and hates is by definition the
smallest of the collections of memes, but that the model is like a
flower, budding into beauty. Now you can put your focus on that budding
flower noticing what it was, what it is, and what it will be. If you
focus on the was, you notice only the common denominator of that past,
the bud. That exact moment I saw Freddie sneak a Heineken out of his
bag, and pass it on to his captor, although neither of them knew that at
the time. It would be years, before Fred inherited the brewery from his
dad, thus making him a dead-on target for the anger of his mate, who
secretly despised him for his wealth in monetary matters rather than
that of the heart.

"Those who focus on the Now..", she continued, "will observe the changes
as they happen, and see the change of blooming taking place. They could
have a change of heart, and decide to pick the flower to give it to a
loved one, thus in no way ending the existence of the flower. It merely
changed it’s enviroment from the soil in which it grew, to the vase that
she will find for it."

Unless of course he gave her that flower to get out of the bind he got
himself in by gettin’ cheeky with her best friend…. That would make
sure the flower changed into a crumpled mess on the floor, or worse….
But the flower, the concept of the flower is still there, signifying the
end of a human relationship.

I love that girl! Her storyline was holographic! Notice how, in
describing the blooming, she implicitly also told them the next stage of
her focal alternatives? I wondered if she had picked up on that
herself, but should not have been surprised to find that her State of
Independence did allow for that:

Talk about blooming! Donna was the Sun when I bloomed into adult life!
She wasn’t always in my heart, because the darker rockers took quite
some space too. Quite a colorful bunch too, like Rainbow, Dio, Black
Sabbath and even those guys from Nights in White Satin. Yep, that was my
fast (no McDonalds in Holland back then) which was actually the
inside out representation of the Rolling Stones, whom I played only very
sparingly. But this dark rock with a decidedly feminine covering was my
Food for Thought back then…

That very moment, the above Denise’s ejaculated its
school-terminating virus: "This is not a drill, evecuate the building
immediately". Talk about a change of plans!….

Since there was only about two hours of school left, I gave them the remaining time off, only by adding a little incentive for further observation: "Hey guys and gals, you all have the handouts for Denise’s presentation. Try to figure out if the symbolism in it supports her argument,or tries to diminish it in any way". Having said that, I watched the strampede trample the classroom door, and turned towards my new hero, calmly waiting on the edge of the desk, legs crossed. "Whew, I don’t think I’ve ever been so tempted to hug you, but let’s keep things simple." I started. "Yeah lets, and if you want to be hugged, may I suggest Teedra Moses’ Complex Simplicity?" Denise added with a somewhat devious smile. I knew her well enough to not be scared, and loved Teedra long enough to know that her hugs are fatal: they transport you right into Heaven, just hearing Her Voice:

Having left me with a grownup virtualization of Her Love, Denise hopped off the desk, and tippytoed out on her high heels. I picked up her presentation, and leafed through it, on a hunch. Yep, just like I thought: the little angel had put a lot of symbolism in there. It read like a witches bible, but one of the rainbow variety: hard to determine at times, whether her magic was dark, light, or just colored like a large soap bubble on a sunny day. 

Take the title page for instance: a stylized flower, with a grey center and rainbow-colored leafs. Across it, she’d diagonally written "Denise’s Flower", and had positioned it so, that the "Flow" of the flower was over the center. It suggested to its observers that Flow was the way to go if you want to bloom. Even the entire blooming process was envisioned there: Because her subtitle suggested it being in full bloom, you could just see the six surrounding leafs having come out of the center, where the flow gently forced them out. Also, in full bloom the center is hardly touched by the leafs as they leave, which gave me another sync. It looked very much like life, where I experienced a growing tendency that deprived me of my power, it seemed. Fortunately, flowing more would easily replenish my reserves, just like flowing more water into the soil for the flower to devour would avoid a void that would stun growth. Yes, stun growth, because killing growth would not be in agreement with Nature. 

I chuckled, and wondered how many students would hit a perfect score tomorrow. If I had to predict it, I guess Tubelawak would come to claim the apple, which I habitually had on my desk to spur on my little miracles…

Love Life, it’s what happens while you ain’t looking…