and I don’t even like to be sucked anymore….

Work went ok, until I needed to make my memory stick bootable, and the tool required for that got confused and wiped my entire 500 Gig external harddrive, reporting quite proudly that it had wiped my LaCie Whizkey, but that the bloody thing was 500 Gigs in size! Well, shit happens, and then on top of that somebody registered a username on moorelife that said “chaikoffnorthenone”. I have no idea whether he or she meant him or herself, but simply taken personally, I’d say someone told me I’m neither Tjaikovsky nor the None.

Actually, I do feel like that last one: not important enough to matter to anyone, not even to my parents who called this afternoon to enquire if I hadn’t forgotten they would be visiting tomorrow? Yes I had, and frankly I couldn’t care less! But that of course is not what I said, because I’m a hipocrit. So tonight no other posts, because I’ll be doing all the things I hate, just to avoid the nasty comments….

Besides, I can’t write shit anyway, as the novel proved. So just leave me alone, and then maybe, tomorrow will be better. NOT!

Lights Out!!!