I am on the Smith River now. Camped all by my self up the south fork. It is peaceful, with just the background white noise of the rapids up from my camp. My belly is full and I am relaxed, sitting cross-legged overlooking the water. It is crystal clear with vibrant hues of turquoise green, the rocks several feet down perfectly outlined in the optical illusion of depth. Refracting light as it passes through the water I am afforded another light show from Creation. I created a heart shaped rock in front of me earlier as I was enjoying the last rays of sun before it dipped behind the peaks above me. The clouds, or more precisely fog is starting to roll in and I remember earlier in Crescent City a heavy, dense fog beginning as I cleared the redwoods and came into the flats, Low lying and cold, it came off the Pacific with a bone-chilling effect as I cruised the scenic byway along the coast. I chuckled to myself as I rode by a big city park and all the families were out watching what appeared to be a little league soccer tournament. Living here, the locals must get used to it after a while, but for me, I choose sun!

As has happened many times this 3500 miles to date, someone walked out and started chatting with me. It usually starts with “you sure got that loaded…” or something to that affect, although at another stop a kind elderly gentleman asked where I sat? He couldn’t hardly believe it when I told him… So, he starts out that way and tells me of his F650GS. Ultimately, he shares a back road to get to where I am headed. Sweet! Some gravel and twisties through the redwoods, I am all over it! Gassed up and ready, I ride through the outskirts of Crescent City and come into the forest. It is breath-giving as my dear friend, Leah commented. Indeed… These trees are sooooo Big! I tried to take some photos with the bike for perspective but I am unsure if they will adequately, if at all, represent the massive nature of these magnificent trees. Did I say the are HUGE! Well, they are.

And wise… Last night I camped at Jedediah Smith State Park and was in amongst a mature grove of them. It became apparent to me immediately after getting off the bike to set up camp. There were a couple of big ones right in my camp and as I walked around a little, I got to sit up against one for a bit. Truly magnificent and wise in their stature they are and I brought out my drum in the silence of the grove. The heartbeat of the Universe began to beat through my buffalo hide drum and I moved, releasing and saying my prayers to the 8 directions. I brought up pristine from the earth and soared to the tops of the redwoods as the drum acknowledge of the moment. There was only that, and movement in that space and time and I danced between worlds calling back power and sending Love out in waves as I resonated with the drum.

The trees spoke to me in the silence of that place. I saw visions of prosperity and guidance from my Higher Consciousness, my Soul. The images were vivid and show the way and with the Faith Archangel Michael spoke of, I flow as if on the gossamers breath, light and free and allow the vision its course. I sleep soundly in amongst the giants, their protection and Love apparent as I drift peacefully into sleep with a network of roots below me coursing the vibrancy through me. When I awake this morning, it is with the vision of a heart in silhouette from some branches and I stare intently on this spot in my in between sleep and wake… A heart, “I greet this day with Love in my heart…” Og Mandino. It is a nice morning and I notice it is dark later in the morning here… Moving south, I surmise and move with purpose to begin the day.

The plan was to continue down the 101 towards Eureka, but for some reason as I was packing I felt that direction. Listening, I check in to what the guy in Bandon, OR said the day before about Ashland, OR. He spoke of consciousness and I knew this already, but he also told me about a bookstore that he thought would like my book. I sent off an email before leaving that morning, Just yesterday I think and hadn’t heard anything but this morning, I was definitely being shown a different path. I wanted to go in and connect with some folks I met yesterday, but aligned was my energy to head east. Just to solidify that experience, the campground host walked by and told me of a coffee stand 1/2 mile down the road to the east, so I knew… Bike packed and adventure ahead I rode east to the coffee…

Much Love and more later…

the Buffalo Diaries