That’s what’s wrong with me, as I figured out on the way home . I just don’t expect much from anybody, all on account of them having Free Will, as I found out in these past nearly 48 years. Having met my Big Sister Endra yesterday, it was time for a pow-wow in which I wasn’t screaming out my misfortune all the time, and she tried to speak instead of whispering sweet things in my ear…

Free Will, what a concept! It is said to be God-given, and as such supercedes any law devised by . In fact, it looks pretty much like the situation  that One might  find when stringently applying the four Laws of Creation, so thoughtfully communicated to us by Bashar, courtesy of Daryll Anka. For the record, allow me to refresh your memory:

Beats Asimov’s three laws of Robotics, right? So let me stop being a robot! Endra actually is diagonally opposed to me on this. Not on the stopping being a robot bit, she’s fine with that! But that idea of not being able to expect anything from anyone, simply because they have Free Will! My reasoning seemed quite reasonable at the time, but not anymore:

I figured that any man, , animal or apparatus has Free Will, and as such, given the Fourth Law, also the power to Change Their Mind! So, any promise can be broken, any statement can later be denied, and any vow can be revoked. Those actions may all counter Human Laws, but they are no match to the Power of the Four Laws of Creation! Thus, following that reasoning, I, André, considered myself doomed for All Time!

Endra, on the other hand, reasoned like the Fullblooded Woman she is: Given Free Will, anyone can change their mind at any time, she agrees with me on that at least. But she rejects the assumption that any change of mind automatically has to be to my disadvantage… Instead, she feels I should be expecting Anything from Anyone!  Simply because these changes do not stand on their own: any Change of Mind is a inspired masterpiece, built up of aeons of experiences, seasoned with generous amounts of emotion and feeling, and topped with a Loving bundle of Joy!

So instead of backing out of promises, double and triple crossing me, or simply sueing for divorce, anyone might just give whatever they have because it pleases them, or pleases them to see me . And is a Con still a Con when it’s are honorable and above board, even if it is executed in extreme secrecy? No wonder I hated parties! And as for turning that negative around? Well, who knows….  There even might be One Being in Infinity that does think I’m not half bad…. Which actually , I AM!

And the Con that turned Pro bit? Yeah, that’s still a pet of me and Endra: we figure that if there are Cons in this world, they might just as well be disguised Pros. Still gathering intel on that, but like Sander (our friend) wrote in Make it Real, it could very well be that his Selina was One Gigantic Setup, conceptualized and directed from 2500 years in the Future!

Loving Life even without a wife….(But I do love Endra!)


Let’s Party!!!