Boy, am I on a roll! Life is so much M∞re than it used to be! With the avalanche of female and cosmological beauty rendering me weak in the knees but otherwise as healthy as an elephant on Viagra, I decided to do another Twin story, but my first attempt at finding a suitable title was somewhat delayed by the fact that I was afraid to call two lovely and real live ladies just another couple of Flaming Ducks. Because in fact, I’m the Flaming Duck: I Duck away every time such an infinite beauty aims her gaze at me! But still the Duck theme remained, when another attempt at removing the vulgarity from it resulted in "M∞re Flamin’ Seducktions…."

I went hunting for Duck, and after a few buckshots finally nailed One. It was a skateboard, ready made for the Web, and totally in agreement with my discernment for inclusion on the right of life. Only after that decision had been made,  I unfocused my gaze from the duck and landed right smack in its pond!

I got up, shook the water off my head, and looked down at the board:

Now you may have guessed that this Seducktion is mine to talk about, because I am the Flamin’ Victim here: I didn’t aim at Seda because I ducked the moment she entered my life, but she set me on fire anyway. Having become a passionate hunter because of Her, I realized that Elmer was on my side, and went looking for him to team up with me and do the ducks together:

Wait a minute, what’s that scent? Something fishy here, but it ain’t fish, and it ain’t duck either. I looked down and saw the smelly messy situation I’d gotten myself in: What did Pepe le Pew do here, starring in "Heaven Scent"?  Yep, Heaven had done it again, when it sent me Neda this week. But this bottom right statement just said where my Adorable Seducktresses emerged from. Did it also say how I was going to resolve this smelly conundrum?

Looking Heavenward for Divine Inspiration, I turned left and burst out laughing. My kids and their friend needed explanations, but I could hardly answer them for lack of air, voice and coherent thought. My mind was a mess! Was this top left corner really real?

At 3.33KB, this screenshot shot me straight to the answer: "Select 2 get her"  Hilarious! But would it really be this simple? Seda is redhot, as witnessed by the 7777 pictures she left in her natural habitat for me to find. Neda is whitehot, in her prim little overcoat, saying goodbye as she left this afternoon. But both had been put on ice by their respective mates. "Think outside the box, Dré", I reminded myself. The box in this instance being that I don’t mess with messengers who have communicated to me their intention to be bound by marriage or love to One Another. Well, the only reasonable answer would have to be at least "none of the above", unless the One Universal Constant Held….

Change, yes, but change what?  Shoot a hole into Neda’s business partner like I’d done on the surprise CD? Virtual joke, and bad aim at that: the business partner didn’t ice her, and she and her husband were probably having that Coupe d’Amour the moment she got off the plane. Well, best of Love to them, I don’t break easily, especially not the ties that bind. 

Keep hunting then, for more perfect clones that would be warm enough to satisfy my appetite? I’d probably be eating chinese for the rest of my Life, because the restaurant nearby has excellent Peking Duck.  But I’m done peeking, and I also would miss the plucking of the duck. I could try completing my collection of EDA’s, but how many of the Many Interesting Possibilities would I be able to snare? Beda, Ceda, Deda, Feda, Geda, Heda, Jeda… Is that the female form of Jedi? or is Jedi the plural of Jeda? Huh, all Jedi female? Nah!….

Yep, mindfuck for a mindduck. As long as I mind, I won’t find. But this week, having found the beautiful but very reserved Neda, I finally saw through the tricks: as I decided to photograph all of us at lunch, I started with Nick who remained single because he moved away from her the moment I wanted to snap the two of them. As I remarked to him he was still single, he smiled and I moved the camera to the Iranian Business Pair, preparing myself for an impression of a twosome. No such deal! The moment I laid my three eyes on them, the guy with the whole got up and removed himself from my visor, leaving me a clear aim at the dead end gorgeous gal. The moment I moved on to the others, the hollow man returned. Now what would that mean? I figure basically, it says I could at any time remove any unwanted icing off these beauties, but unfortunately it doesn’t say how….

But hey, I’m cool! Said them all goodbye, and headed back home to my crib which tonight will probably be empty except for my own carcas, since my soul will be out looking for clues…

Like we say in Holland, "the Venom is in the tale"  True in this instant, because any subset of whatever size holds the keys to unlock the mysteries of the Cosmos. I figure I found mine, now if I could only find my memory stick again too….

Never mind….